Exciting Tech Careers You Can Work Remotely

There is this image of people in the technology field always working in Silicon Valley and leading very comfortable lifestyles. Sure, there is a plethora of techies living and working in that region, but what about the rest of the world? Simply put, there certainly isn’t enough room in that area of the world to contain every single trained professional working in the technology field. Instead, lots of tech professionals are working remotely, from home, never having to put on a suit and tie or even be seen to have a great career.

Remote Tech Support Advisors

This is probably the most ideal job for techies who want to work remotely. Everyone is going to have an issue with a device while at home and need to call, email, or even live chat with a tech support advisor. Know that working in this position is sometimes stressful and may require you to do a lot of multitasking during high volume periods. Coincidentally, you can live anywhere you want and still succeed in the industry. Remote tech support advisors who actively stay in the same role for a few years can often get better schedules, which might mean that you can get weekends off or never have to work nights.

Certified Technicians

Through certification programs, tech workers can easily find jobs that will enable them to work remotely. You can go through the Security Data Recovery certification program to learn how to work on Apple products in a short period. Being an Apple certified technician can open an untold number of doors in your career. As Apple regularly posts work at home positions, you might actually be able to be employed by the company while working from home on a full-time basis. Even if you don’t work for Apple itself, being a certified tech means that your resume stands out whenever you apply for technology-based roles and positions.

Freelance Repair Technicians

So, if you are a freelance worker, you are 100% self-employed. You set your hours and you choose what jobs and assignments to accept. In the technology field, freelance repair technicians can get work through popular platforms such as Workmarket or even Upwork, where they figure out and agree to the scope of the work as well as payment parameters. Having certifications can be helpful as a freelance repair tech, but really customers want to know that you are professional and dependable. When working as a freelancer, it is just as important to show up on time and be courteous as it is to know what you’re actually doing.

Technology is a field that is going to grow and grow until there are likely more tech-based jobs on earth than anything else. Doctors are using technology as robots appear in hospitals. Technology is being fused into teaching curriculums as more students use computers and technology to learn at an expedited rate. Even law enforcement is using technology to help with routine tasks such as traffic stops. Get into this field now so that you can work remotely and call the shots in your life.

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