Exchange Server 101: Taking Business Email into Hyper drive

Businesses shouldn’t be limited to the office space. If your business is to survive the test of time, then you should consider upgrading your business email provider to a more comprehensive, secure and business-oriented Microsoft exchange.

Many business owners still doesn’t realize how a unified email system works, if you ask them, they’ll look at you dead-eyed and ask “what is exchange server?” the premise is simple. Here’s what you need to realize and know what are the benefits of exchange server:

Microsoft Exchange in a Nutshell. Microsoft Exchange enables business from small to medium sizes improve their performance and get greater reliability by streamlining administration activities such as sending email messages, making calendar tasking, creating distribution lists, providing messaging delivery reports, automatically performing voicemail transcriptions, and archiving mail boxes.

A more Secure System. Microsoft exchange gives you the ability to immutably discover and retain data across your organization, which is essential to ensuring regulatory and internal compliance. The date always remains in one place, so you never have to worry about managing a separate data storage. You can also reduce the cost of administrating complex compliance needs, ensuring you’re prepared for any unexpected event.

Exchange offers superior security compared to mail or fax communications. It allows companies to guard clients and sensitive data and offers archiving, maintenance, and client leakage safety features, to accomplish and keep compliance with industry and government guidelines.

Everything is in a Single Place. Empower your workforce with an in-place archive and large mailbox to let them collaborate and retain email in their primary mailbox, or archive items. With flexible and powerful tools, you can take control of your storage and compliance demands while keeping your staff productive.

People’s network span many different areas. Exchange allows users to bring their contacts from other networks, which means that everything is in one place. Exchange will find the same person through systems and combine their information into one contact card, avoiding repetition and numerous contact cards with the same information.

Easy Collaboration. Exchange makes it easier for your staff to manage project communication and team members. Allow users to see archived communication on a project as soon as they join, have complete access to the present versions of team documents, and utilize that information right from within Outlook. The team will have powerful new features to be productive on their teams and you the business owner will be able to manage information in the locations that these documents were meant to be stored.

Lesser Communication Costs. It is faster and less costly to email clients/suppliers or even distribution list than calling, typing or sending a letter or fax. Email messaging through exchange server lets your business be more responsive to customer inquiries, resulting in better customer satisfaction. For most small and midsized businesses, the cost of running and maintaining an exchange server in-house is a bit too pricy. Up-front costs can cost $10,000, including staff time to maintain the server. This is why you need a hosted Microsoft exchange provider to handle the setup and management.

There you go! These are just the basics of exchange server and why your business needs it.


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