Who Else is Ready for Spring Break?!

This winter so far has been long and harsh – did I mention long?? We aren’t even in the middle of winter yet, and I’m already dreaming of Spring Break! No waking up early to get the kids ready for school, and lunches packed, or driving home in the dark on the way home from work..I mean,who else is ready for Spring Break?

Whether you are going on a road-trip, heading to the beach or the mountains check out Alamo’s Scenic Route page they give you a collection of travel stories, guides and advice that will inspire your family to achieve maximum memories-per-getaway on your next vacation! Like 10 Bucket List Vacations to Take Before Your Kids Grow UpĀ (we’ve already hit up #3 and #8, and the rest is on our list as well – especially Yellowstone!)

Once your Spring Break is planned, be sure to check out Alamo’s tips to staying healthy while traveling (it is that time of year!) One of the worst things is to get sick while you are traveling, and these 5 tips will definitely help keep you healthy on your road to fun!



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