Easy Hot Mocha Latte Recipe

If you pay any attention to my social media accounts, I have been obsessed with my coffee lately. I’ve been trying to be a bit more frugal and make my fancy coffee drinks from home, instead of buying them out (have you really ever paid attention to how much money those suckers cost? Times that by 5x a week, and you’re looking at a pretty good chunk of change).

I was given the opportunity to try out Community Coffee K-cups recently, and I am in love! 


I love the dark roast to use in my hot mocha latte recipe. The breakfast blend is yummy as well (along with their other great flavors), but I prefer a bit richer, bolder flavor since I’m mixing other ingredients into my drink.

The recipe I use is super simple,because well, I don’t have time to be all fancy and complicated. I start off making 1 (or sometimes 2 depending on my need for caffeine that day) Community Coffee K-Cups. 

In my travel mug I mix 1 tablespoon cocoa & 1 packet sweet n’ low together. (or your other favorite sugar substitute) add a few tablespoons of your coffee so you can stir the cocoa in and make sure it’s completely dissolved. Then pour in the remaining coffee – then you will want to foam the milk and pour slowly over the hot mocha (no specific amount, whatever you desire) and then if you want you can garnish with some cocoa powder, but I prefer non-fat whipped cream 😉



Community Coffee offers a great array of gift baskets perfect for any coffee lover in your life – I have ordered a few of these for family members out of state – I mean, who wouldn’t love the gift of coffee??


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