Don’t Be Left Snowed by Unexpected Weather

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of SnowCast for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

When I was a kid there was nothing like waking up to a unexpected snow day. Looking out the window and seeing a blanket of snow across the yard and the street was like magic – peaceful, and full of anticipation. (Cut to present day): I went to bed before the news because I was exhausted from the day; I wake up 30 minutes late because I didn’t hear my alarm, to see a blanket of snow covering the neighborhood and all I can think of is , “Oh crap, I can’t believe this! I’m going to be soo late to work!”

I know, not quite the whimsical winter wonderland we once knew as kids right?? Snow means boots, shovels, and an extra 25 minutes to shovel the walkway let alone warm up my car and de-ice the locks. Why didn’t I stay awake to watch the weatherman give this prediction? Am I seriously the only one who didn’t know??

Yup.. That seems to be a common occurrence (ok, a few times a winter occurrence) in my house. Mornings are not my strong suit as it is, so when you add difficult weather situations, well my not-so-great day just went to  bad. Really quick.

That’s why I love love the SnowCast app. SnowCast is an app available on iTunes that allows you to see the weather predictions for now, later in the day, or even up to 48 hours from now. With SnowCast you won’t have to worry about staying up late to catch the weather man, or worry about how to pack for a trip -it gives you local, accurate forecast here and now – no matter where you’re going.



Next week, as many of you know,  I will be heading to Wooster Ohio with a few other blogging buddies of mine. Wooster is up North, near Cleveland where they always get a ton of snow. Since I will be driving solo, the snow report is especially important to me. If I know a storm is coming I can leave early enough to avoid it altogether – leaving me plenty of time to enjoy my friends and the new  city  we are going to explore. No worries about driving in bad weather, or the horrid traffic that has to go with it.


So far we’ve had a pretty mild winter – which usually means we have a lot of snow in store for the beginning of the year. I’m glad that I have the SnowCast app so I’m prepared – no matter what might come along.
Be sure to go Download the app for your iOS system today!

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