Does Somebody Owe You Money?

A few years ago I found this awesome site called Missing Money. It’s a website that collects information from companies that owe individuals money –  that some how never made it’s way to you. I was soo thrilled to find this website, that I literally searched every person that I could possibly think of . I mean who wouldn’t want to make a call, or send an email letting their friend know they found them some missing money?!

Right away I found missing money for my Uncle. An old insurance company owed him nearly $800 and when he got divorced, moved out of his house, and got a new phone number they had no way to reach him. Can I tell you how excited he was when I told him there was some of his money just sitting out there waiting for him to claim it?

Does Somebody Owe you MONEY?

I hadn’t checked the site in awhile and ran across another blogger who gave her story, so I decided to look at it again. I think I had about 5 friends or relatives that I was able to find missing money for – and also a few bucks for my husband as well.  I’ve bookmarked the site so I can check it every few months and see what else I can find. It’s like a treasure hunt!

A few tips as you search:

  • Make sure you check every state you’ve ever lived, or worked in. The site is listed specifically so you want to check all your options
  • Check every name you’ve ever went by – including maiden names, abbreviations, or even mis spelled names (I know that I’ve had companies spell my name with a “C” instead of a “K” and they never got it right)
  • Check back at least 2x a year; you never know when they might update the list


There are a few other sites you can check as well for missing money. Such as:

NAUPA – which can list unclaimed money or property.

HUD refunds – If you’ve ever had a HUD loan, they may owe you if you paid off early, or even have some insurance premium refunds on hold for you.

Pensions – If you have a pension you never claimed, you can find it here. Search by your name or company


Check out the site and let me know – did you find any missing money???


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