DIY Spa Treatments at Home

These are weird times; though worrying about what is going on in the world is important, sometimes its just as important to turn off the news, take a hiatus from Facebook and Twitter,  and just decompress.
Besides just shopping and eating out (which I really miss) I also miss treating myself. By this time I’ve usually added some highlights and gotten a pedicure. But since that isn’t possible, I started doing some DIY spa treatments at home to make me feel a little closer to ‘normal’.

Thankfully places like Amazon, Ulta and Sephora are still shipping (though it may take a few extra days) so if you don’t have this at home or even your local Walgreens or CVS you can order online and try it in a few days!

Foot Peel Mask
So this is one I LOVE but don’t always have a chance to do except in the winter. This foot peel is amazing, you can use it on dead skin, cracked heels, or even callouses. This is pretty much your at home pedicure without the dangerous tools. You soak your feet with this mask for about 20 minutes or so, and then wash off. Within a few days you’ll start to notice the dead skin peeling off your feet, which can be pretty icky if you aren’t wearing shoes that cover your feet! So since you are at home, just make sure you have socks clean to keep all the dead skin from getting all over your floors. Your feet will be so soft and smooth!

Foot Pedicure/Spa 
You can use this foot spa along with your foot peel, that offers a soothing vibrating massage that is deep enough to fully immerse your feet for relaxing! Easy toe touch control for foot massage vibration, and has a splash guard  as well.

Self Tanner
Another great thing you can try right now is self tanner! Find out what is best for you, but I have read great reviews on this Own Your Glow kit from Sephora. I ordered it myself, so I will let you know how it turns out. (I also ordered this gradual tanner as well) You actually add drops to your regular moisturizer, so you can add a drop or two, or more if needed, to get the base tan you want. Perfect time to experiment!

Hair Masks
There are several out there, but one of my favorites is the apple cider vinegar scalp scrub and hair rinse. It’s pretty amazing and on sale right now at Sephora. They also have a pretty amazing over night hair mask as well.

Temporary Hair Color
Wanted to see what you’d look like with silver hair? blue? Maybe darker or lighter? Try some temporary hair color (I would not go permanent lol) You have some time for it to fade, so play around and have some fun!

Nail Dipping Powder Starter Set 
A good way to practice doing your own nails, this starter set is perfect for giving you a pretty awesome at home manicure. I need to let my nails grow a little before I try this, but its definitely on my list!

Face Masks
I don’t always have time for them because a lot of them have to stay on for so long, so quarantine time is the perfect time to give a few a shot. Some of my favorites are a Deep Sea Mud Mask or carbonated Bubble Clay Mask (feels weird, but does its job). I have used both of these specific brands and I like them a lot. You can also try lip masks,eye masks, and even butt masks to help exfoliate and give you clean and clear shimmering skin!

You can also make your own homemade bath bombs to try out (those are a lot of fun) massage bars and even your own moisturizing foot cream! Let me know of some of your favorite DIY Spa Treatments at home and I’ll make sure to share!

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