DIY Santa Ornaments

These DIY Santa ornaments are tons of fun, and can be great gifts that the kids can even make themselves!



  1. Wrap the ribbon around the ball ornament, and cut when the ends meet. 
  2. Apply a glue dot to one end, then one in the middle, and one at the other end. Make sure that the ribbon lines up and appears to look even through this process.

  3. Cut about ½ – ¾ inch piece of washi tape, making sure it is straight on each end. I cut a larger piece, and used an Exacto knife to make sure that the end cuts were nice and straight. Apply to the center of ribbon with a glue dot, for added sticking ability. (this becomes santa’s “belt”)

  4. Remove the top from the ornament. Fill the ornament with the red glitter balls.
    Replace the top of the ornament.

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