Del Monte Fruit Burst Squeezers Review & Giveaway

FTC Notice: I received this product in exchange for my honest reviews

Packing lunches for 3 kids is a pain in the tush. Day after day I try to come up with new tasty, healthy lunches for them to try, but not every lunch is a success. My picky 5 year old has literally brought his lunch box home with nothing even opened and when I ask him why he didn’t eat I get, “Well, it didn’t look good.” So when I was given an opportunity to review Del Monte Fruit Burst Squeezers I was pretty excited.

Not only do the Fruit Burst contain real fruit, but it contains a veggie as well!
“Carrot puree, blueberry puree concentrate” are some of the ingredients in the Blueberry Flavor which was my son’s absolute favorite. The pouch made it easy for him to eat while socializing with his classmates (as we know all kids like to talk more then they do eat – at least while at school!)

A yummy blend of delicious fruit & veggies that kids will love. A squeezable snack with 1 ½ servings of fruit & veggies. [1 serving = ½ cup fruits & veggies; Concentrated equivalent to ¾ cup fruits and vegetables (75% fruits, 25% vegetables) based on USDA Equivalency Database]

Not only did my 5 year old love it, but so did his older sisters, and I have to admit in a rush on the way to work one day I grabbed 2 for breakfast – I was surprised how sweet they tasted, and how filling they were. Two of them took me right up until lunch until I got hungry.

Want to try Del Monte Fruit Burst Squeezers for yourself? Enter below for a Del Monte Prize Pack!
Prize pack includes:

  •  Two boxes of Fruit Burst Squeezers™ (one Fruit + Veggies 4-pack and one Simply Fruit 4-pack)
  •    One Del Monte lunchbox
  •    One orange-shaped eco-friendly shopping tote
  •     One strawberry-shaped eco-friendly shopping tote
  •     One Del Monte magnetic frame


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  1. Kathy Penney says:

    My kids love these thanks for a fun giveaway!

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