Crash, Whallop, Bang: The Superwoman Response To Dealing With A Car Accident

Car accidents are something that happen more often than we probably care to admit, and it will certainly happen when you least expect it. Whether you consider yourself to be an amazing driver, you can’t control how someone else is driving, what they are feeling and their level of concentration at any given time. There is a risk to being on the road, and especially can be worrying when you have children in the car. However, if you do find yourself in this situation you may feel like you are overwhelmed with thoughts and emotions. So I wanted to share with you the superwoman way to handle the incident with divinity and preciseness. Ensuring that you are taking care of yourself and your own families wellbeing.

Stay calm

The collision has just happened, and come to an abrupt stop. Your mind will be racing and you may be trying to come to terms with exactly what has happened. Att his stage sit tight, and remain calm. You need only a few seconds to get her your thoughts and your emotions so that you can move forward with the process. Calmness isn’t easy to obtain, so a couple of deep breaths while you work out what just happened is vital.

Is everyone involved ok?

The next thing you need to determine if you or anyone in the vehicle are ok. Are children safe and strapped in, do you need to get them out of there, is there any evidence of someone needing medical attention. This is important as depending on the type of accident, if there has been any bumps to head, that you call the emergency services as soon as possible so that people can get treated quickly.

Keep your cool when dealing with others

Stepping out of the car you may finally see what you are faced with, and try and bear in mind that anyone else involved may have the same levels of Adrenaline and emotions coursing through their veins. Keep your cool. If it your fault be apologetic and specifically with your thoughts and actions. If you are not to blame try and not let emotion get the better of you and pinpoint your blame directly at others. In these types of situations discussion of feelings and balance can take place at a later time with the right people, during this moment you need to actualise what has happened and take action.

Take pictures of the vehicles and area

Your smartphone is your biggest asset at this point. Take it out and snap as many pictures as possible. Take pictures of your vehicle and others involved, make sure you get the surroundings and the location in which it happened. This will be important for informing others including your insurance company of any issues that you have faced, and your version of events. This could also prove important later on if you decide to take any legal action.

Speak to witnesses

The next thing to determine would be if there are any witnesses involved. These are the people that can back up the story and provide an account of what happened without necessarily being directly involved. Make a note of their details so that any insurance company or legal advisor can speak to them to correlate your versions of events. They can also help defuse a situation if others parties involved are not handling it too well.

Take notes of the details

You also need to speak to the other driver or drivers involved. This is the point where you will exchange details such as the full registration of your vehicle, the name of your insurance provider, your name and your contact number. This is so that you can make the necessary calls and let certain people be aware of your claims and the incident that has happened. At this stage you may also want to contact the local emergency services if your haven’t done so already for urgent medical attention.

Seek medical attention

Whether you are hurt or not, you will be in some form of shock, so you do need to seek some medical attention. You may choose to do this at the scene of the accident or you may prefer to seek out media all attention at your local doctors or hospital. It is important that you do this, as this can also help you in terms of taking any legal action in the future. Especially if you do feel like you need to take a few days away from work or if you have suffered any other loss in the process.

Discuss your case

You may want to discuss your case in more detail. If you weren’t to blame for the accident but feel you have been left with a loss of earnings or issues moving forward. This is when a car accident injury attorney could help you out. They could discuss your case and act on your behalf to claim back some compensation or money that you are owed from the other insurance company. This is why evidence and witness statements are important, as well as seeking out advice on any injuries you do feel that you have as a result of the collision and car accident.

Focus on your mindset moving forward

Finally, you may find that your mindset and mental wellbeing will have taken a knock after the incident. It is completely normal to not feel as confident behind the wheel and you may be worrying about it happening again. However, you do need to focus your mindset on moving forward. That means trying to turn what has been a negative experience into something positive. The experience itself may have a knock on effect on what you think about other aspects of your life, but see it as a turning point for positivity and change. It could certainly make a difference to you moving forward.

I hope that this advice will help you respond to a car accident, or even any real incident in your life, as a superwoman.

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