Christmas Treat Bag Printables


If you are like me during the holidays you are constantly making treats and treat bags for your kid’s class, or coworkers, or church. Some of us (or should I say you) like to bake homemade goodies others (like me) like to buy easy-to-make treats or pre-made treats to save time. My kids love to make Chex mix treat bags, including my favorite ‘muddy buddies.’ I always like to make sure that we get slider bags so that the kids can eat some of their treat and store it away (without making a huge mess) and also that we decorate the bag with all kinds of holiday festive cuteness.


You can get these adorable Merry Christmas printable bag toppers over here on the Hefty website.  I love that it has a second side to write the To: and From: on instead of just using a sharpie marker on the bag. We always make sure to mark special treat bags for any kids who have allergies in class!  I also put together certain goodies for my co-workers,and I don’t want one of them to get something they wouldn’t like. They have a lot of different options to print from, but the Merry Christmas printable is definitely my favorite!


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