Choosing Planters for Trees

Planters are a great way to add a touch of greenery to spaces otherwise limited on this feature. Trees add a much desired green flourish while creating a heightened landscaping appeal overall. When choosing the right tree pots, it may seem complicated. Here are a few tips to help you make the right choice.

  1. Know if you intend to transplant

The most important thing in choosing tree pots is knowing if you are looking for a starting place or a final place. Many people use pots to start growing a tree in a more controlled environment and then when the tree is strong enough to prosper on its own outside the tree is transplanted. On the flip side, some people plant trees in a pot with no intention of transplanting them to the ground. If you know you won’t be transplanting to the ground, this can help you pick the right pot based on the sizing needs of the tree.


  1. Choose the right trees for pots

If you intend to use the planter method for trees, it is important to note that certain trees are better suited to pots than others. Some trees require more root depth, space, and time to reach their full potential. In fact, if you plant certain types of trees in a pot when it isn’t ideal, it can lead to the tree reaching a certain growth stage and then dying or showing signs of unhealthiness. When looking for a tree capable of flourishing in a pot, here are a few popular choices:

  • Flowering dogwood
  • Italian cypress
  • Japanese maple
  • Snowy Mespilus
  • Olive
  • Persian silk tree


  1. Consider pot size based on root depth

Aside from knowing if you plan on transplanting and the matter of choosing pot-friendly varieties, the planter size is crucial in choosing tree pots. When you choose the type of tree you intend to plant, you should always find out the root depth the tree typically grows at so you can choose a pot with enough room. This matter will make it easier to choose the right pot for the growing needs of the tree to narrow down the search.

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