Cheap Plans with Unlimited Text & Data: Walmart Family Mobile

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I am a bit of a talker – between my job, my blog, my kids and my friends (both offline and on!) I go through a lot of minutes on my cell phone. Though we have a house phone through our cable provider, it’s really just there for emergencies, or for those rare occasions that I get to go out on a date night with my husband and we have a sitter. I honestly don’t even know that number off the top of my head, I have to look it up! Either way I easily hit 1,200 minutes a month and over 3,000 text a month (I told you, I’m a busy lady!)  My husband hits even more then that since he is over-the-road, and neither of us can just stop our jobs because we are getting too close to comfort on our limits with a phone plan. We really need the lowest priced unlimited plan!


Which is why we made the switch to the Walmart Family Mobile Plan.

I’ve mentioned  before about how much my family loves Walmart Family Mobile. We’ve saved TONS of money by switching the entire family to the WFM plan, with unlimited talk, text and data, not to mention upgraded the kids to hip touch screen phones (God forbid that a 12 year old have a basic phone!) Our love of WFM does not stop there – we’ve converted my Mom as well.


One of the worst things I hated to hear from my Mom was “Well I gotta’ go, I’m really close to running out of minutes”, or “well I can’t text anymore I’m not sure how many text I have left for the month.”


With cell phones being a lot of peoples only means of communication, having to worry about how many texts or minutes you have left until the next month really just stinks. That is why I think that a Walmart Family Mobile phone is a perfect gift for Mother’s Day!

My Mom, much like my children, were stuck with basic phones that pretty much didn’t do anything more then let you talk, or text. You could take pictures, but it was like taking them with a camera in a toy, and you sure can’t do much of anything else like check the weather, get directions, or just scroll through Facebook while you were waiting in the Doctor’s office.


Being able to have a smartphone with great features for a low price just makes sense – It’s less then $40 a month for unlimited talk, text and data on the first line. You can add additional lines on your family plan for only $35 each. (That right there is a $$ saver, since it was an additional $100 to add my second line with my previous carrier) and..wait for it..
No contracts.

mom on phone

(Mom enjoying her new phone! We even got her on Instagram!!)

You pay for your service on a per month basis, and you can cancel your service at any time without fees or penalties. This was definitely something that my Mom found to be quite impressive, since she was scared of making the jump with her prior carrier and being stuck  in a contract for years with a phone, or service, that she didn’t like.

I am excited to gift her the phone, and see how she likes it – watch for my follow-up post in the next couple of weeks as she shares her experience switching to Walmart #FamilyMobile!

Are you happy with your current wireless plan?

What feature do you like most about the Walmart Family Mobile Plan?|

Would you Mom/ Dad/ or even recent grad appreciate the gift of a Walmart Family Mobile phone?

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47 Responses to Cheap Plans with Unlimited Text & Data: Walmart Family Mobile

  1. Julie Wood says:

    Walmart has the best phone plans out there! I think that it is a great deal with the different plans that I can choose, and start saving money. I need to change plans soon.

  2. Jenn says:

    This sounds like the way to go. Definitely something we’ll look into once our ATT contract is up.

  3. I am under contract with another provider for a while, but this is definitely something to look into for when my contract is up!

  4. aimee fauci says:

    Phone plans can be so confusing, this one.. however looks pretty simple.

  5. Andrea says:

    I have a contract with another company that I love but Walmart Family Mobile seems like a perfect way for those who don’t want a contract.

  6. Krystal says:

    Wow – those plans are CHEAp. Mine is like triple that and it’s just for one phone! I need to research these more!

  7. Louida says:

    These are some cheap plans! Great for people looking to save some money. I don’t handle the cell phone bill but will tell Mr. M about it.

  8. if my son was cell phone age, this would be perfect for him. Cheap and simple to connect.

  9. Shell says:

    I really need to check out Walmart’s plans. It seems like I pay way too much for mine!

  10. I don’t think these plans work with iPhones right? My plan with AT&T is ridiculous

  11. gaynycdad says:

    Timely info, we are looking into our son’s first phone. Of course I think it should be a flip, but he would be too angry for that! I love these prices!

  12. Liz Mays says:

    I think this would work out really well for my mom as a gift. She wouldn’t use it a lot and she needs something simple.

  13. Chelsea says:

    I wonder if there is the WFM here in Canada. I’ll look into it, because I’d love to save some money on my phone bill!

  14. Mommy2Jam says:

    I really need to get my son one of these phones. I have heard nothing but great things about the family plan from walmart

  15. We were looking at these the other day. Just hard to pony up money for 5 phones at once. Whew… I know the price point is great for service!

  16. sippycupmom says:

    Wow, so affordable! As a family of 5, we need this!

  17. Jessica says:

    Wow I am surprised at how affordable these plans are. I must be doing something wrong! I think I will be heading to Walmart when my contract expires this year.

  18. Amy Desrosiers says:

    Leave it to Walmart to find a way to offer the best prices on cell phone plans. I will definitely consider switching when my contract expires.

  19. Marketa says:

    These plans are really affordable! Our current one is pretty pricey. Something to think about, for sure!

  20. Wow, those are really great plans! I never really looked at the phones at Wal Mart before. Good to know!

  21. I bet this would be great for my little ones that arent so little anymore. Looks like a great option

  22. That’s a great monthly price! I’d contemplate switching when my contract was up if their network in my area were stronger.

  23. It’s great that there’s no contract, and that you can cancel at any time without penalty.

  24. I like there’s no contract, in case someone does change their mind. It’s a great deal, too!

  25. We got my dad a non-contract service phone from Walmart back at Christmas time. He’s older now and gets out about once a week to run errands and to visit my mom (at the cemetary). He takes her a single red rose….every single week. Still, 7 years later. True love story! Once, his car broke down on him and he walked ALL the way across town to find a business with a phone to call for help. He’s in his mid-70’s so we said NO more! And bought him a phone and we pay the service plan each month. God love my sweet daddy!

  26. becka says:

    I really like the walmart family mobile service. We don’t use it but my hubbie’s sister does and it’s actually pretty good. We were thinking of changing when we get out of our current contract.

  27. Great deals over at Walmart’s phone center. Too bad I am stuck in my contract!

  28. Amanda says:

    Good to know… I will be looking very soon! Thanks!

  29. melinda says:

    Iv been seeing some greatphone plans. we’re probably getting another phone soon for the boy too

  30. Rosey says:

    This is great for someone like my mom or my husband’s aunt who could benefit from a phone, but don’t want a huge bill every month. This is a good plan to consider, absolutely.

  31. Thanks for sharing these great plans. Wish I wasn’t locked down in a contract!

  32. Debra says:

    It’s great that WalMart can offer these affordable plans! I always feel like my cellular bill is way too high.

  33. We recently dropped AT&T to go with TracFone. Although I love how affordable it is, I doubt I will use it for long. We will have to check out the WalMart Plan.

  34. Those plans are very affordable, thanks for sharing.

  35. I’ve been thinking of leaving my carrier. I’m going to check them out next time I’m at walmart.

  36. Thanks for all of the info. It’s good to see that there are different options out there for everyone.

  37. Autumn says:

    Wow! It looks like Walmart has great prices for their phone plans. I really need to switch from T-Mobile (I don’t have service anywhere – not even my own house!)

  38. This sounds amazing. I’m going to have to look into it. It sure would be nice to save money on our cell phone bill!

  39. Felicia says:

    Walmart has such great plans! I like that they keep things affordable for everyone.

  40. Christie says:

    I’m loving the Walmart phone plan options! Great for budget conscious families

  41. Gina H says:

    This cell phone plan is definitely something to investigate. My son barely uses his so I hate paying as much as I do for it.

  42. Great phone plans and who knew Walmart was a legitimate place to shop for mobile. Thanks for all the info will pass it along to friends!

  43. Ashley says:

    I’m totally getting my Mom on board. Sigh. . .we’re still trying to get her to text!

  44. Tatanisha W says:

    I just signed my Dad up on one of these plans- it’s working GREAT so far! Loving the Walmart Family Mobile plan!

  45. Elena says:

    Sounds like a great deal!

  46. Marina says:

    Those prices look great for a plan and I LOVE that there is no contract!

  47. Danielle says:

    I love how inexpensive the plans are for what you get! I never would have imagined unlimited talk text and data for $40. #client

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