BOOK REVIEW: The Legend of Mr. Ween

I have to admit I was a bit nervous when I was offered the chance to read the Legend of Mr. Ween – a short Halloween Story. I’m usually not one for scary – or blood and guts, and such so when I read ‘Halloween’ story that is automatically where my mind went; but I was pleasantly surprised when I started reading that it’s got more of a Harry Potter/Percy Jackson feel. More magic and good vs evil, than what I was expecting.

The story begins back in 1905, with a young man named Hal who is adventuring into a new city to find employment. We notice something different about Hal from the get go, but you will learn eventually why РHal is very observant and when he starts to interact with people in the city he starts to notice they are all acting very strange Рfamiliarly strange.

A ‘magic’ elixir has been being sold in town, with promises of strength and energy and speed , but seems to come with some very dark and scary side effects. Something Hal has seen before – and doesn’t want to see again.

Hal manages to get a job being a farm hand to a old Doctor who had also noticed the strange behavior of the townspeople. . and begins to run some experiments, but Hal is afraid he’ll be too late. Hal begs the Doctor to help him do something , and they come up with a plan – but does it work??

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