Benefits of a Raw Diet for Dogs

When we first got Leia (our morkie puppy), I didn’t know much about what was best for dogs except to make sure they were trained, taken to the vet, fed kibble, (and didn’t eat table scraps or they’d get belly aches). Within the first few months I noticed she was really itchy. She would bite at her feet, scratch her ears, and overall just be really uncomfortable. I bathed her in an oatmeal bath, started using natural flea prevention, and though she seemed a bit better, the itching continued.

I started doing more research and realized some of her allergy/itch could be coming from her kibble! Something in her food was causing an adverse immune response, which caused her to be so itchy and miserable. That’s when I started to do more research on the benefits of a raw diet for dogs.

So a few things I learned in researching the benefits of a raw diet:

Easily Digestible  

Dog’s thrive (digestively and otherwise) on a diet that is rich in protein, and low in carbs, sugars, and wheats/grains. Dogs absorb the nutrients better from whole foods vs synthetic, just like we do.

Healthier Teeth & Gums

Kibble and other canned foods can lead to plaque, tarter and bad breath!The high sugar content in these foods also is an ideal place for bacterial growth which causes several different dental issues. Raw food also contains natural enzymes which promote a healthy mouth.

Helps with Allergies 

So this is what really got me thinking; just like with us, a major cause of stress on the immune system is from poor gut health. Inflammation. Many fillers used in pet food are not meant for dogs and can cause digestive issues, and over time turn to an allergic reaction. Rashes, itchy paws, ear infections—you name it! A natural raw diet can help reduce or eliminate these allergy symptoms (BINGO!)

Healthy Skin  

The nutrients in raw food are easier to digest than commercially prepared food, which allows the organs (i.e. skin) to absorb the necessary nutrients more efficiently. They also contain active enzymes that help a dog breakdown and consume the nutrients—without those enzymes, it’s hard for your dog to absorb starches, fats and proteins, which can lead to dry skin, thin fur, and dandruff. With a raw diet you’ll notice a difference in their skin—and less shedding!

When researching raw diet foods, I found a great brand made in the USA—100% harvested raw beef that they dry freeze for optimal nutrition. Their meat is never mixed with grains, fillers, or any chemical additives found in traditional kibble or canned food. It’s called TruDog.

Want to know what’s great about TruDog besides no GMO’s, grains or fillers, no by-products, no high-heat processing? It’s affordable.

You can buy individual meals, treats, supplements, or meal toppers; or you can subscribe to the meal plan. With a meal plan subscription you can enjoy several benefits such as double reward points on every purchase, additional savings on every order, and auto delivery! You can set up delivery for your meal plan and not worry about running out—they will auto ship your dog’s tailored food plan on the schedule you choose!!

What’s great about TruDog is they give you options that fit your budget—you can choose Feed Me or Boost Me, or mix it up!  Try out different flavors and treats until you find the perfect combination that your dog loves! 

For a limited time you can get 10% off your purchase using coupon code: ALLINADAYSWORKDOG from now until 1/31/2022

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