Beautiful Decor That Can Help Keep your Home Clean And Tidy

If you are a busy mom like me, then anything that will help you in keeping your home clean and tidy is a bonus. It’s a double bonus if its actually looks good too! So let’s forget all the faddy home decorating trends that are doing the rounds at the moment. Ignore the brass pineapples,  the rose gold terrariums and the hot pink flamingos. Let’s look instead at some simple and stylish elements that will not only make your home look good but make it easier to clean as well!


Patterned Surfaces


In the kitchen and the bathroom, you’ll want to go for a pattern worksurfaces. This is because they show the marks and dust a lot less that a block colour. Avoid gloss finishes on worktops and cabinets doors. Yes, these look lovely and sleek and modern, but they show marks and fingerprints so easily, especially if you have kids! This will take up valuable time cleaning and polishing. Speckled patterns are also good. Go for the lighter colours too; that will help disguise any mess that you haven’t got round to tidying yet.



Shower Screen


Many people perfect to use a shower screen instead of a curtain in their bathroom. You can choose decorative options or plainer ones depending on your own sense of personal style. They don’t get mouldy like a shower curtain would, so it means that they have to be replaced less often, and they look much cleaner when in use too. To keep them sparkling and hygienic; spray with a leave on shower cleaner after each use.




I always find that binds like these bali roller shades are a good choice when decorating. They look neat and tidy, and they are mush easier to manage and care for than full-length curtain or Venetian blinds, which can attract a lot of dust. All they need it a quick dust and by rolling them all the way up, the entire window and frame are easily accessible for cleaning and dusting regularly.


Easy Iron Duvet Sets




One of the best investments you can make for a more beautiful and a cleaner home is an easy iron duvet set. They come in all sorts of patterns and colours like these. The great thing about them is that because they are so easy to iron, it makes getting them washed and put back on the bed a quick, and simple process. You don’t dread it as much because they are so quick to do, and that mean you’re more likely to keep up to date with it. Why make things harder than they have to be?





Rugs are another home decor element that can enhance the look of a room. They can give it a cosy, homely feel, perfect for the cold weather. They also serve a practical purpose as they stop the carpet underneath getting dirty. This makes them ideal for a high use area such as a hall or walkway. To clean them you can beat them out regularly, use the vacuum or even get them cleaned like carpets which should make them look as good as new.


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