Back-to-School Safety Tips for Walkers

Unfortunately summer break is starting to come to a close; and as the kids prepare to go back to school, it’s a good idea to go over some safety precautions for any of your kids that will be walking (even if it’s just down to the bus stop). Busy streets, intersections and street crossings with kids walking to school, parents driving them, and people trying to get to work can make for a dangerous environment. If you prepare your kids for some basic pedestrian safety tips it can help keep their walk to school safer – and keep your mind at ease.

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You need to make sure that your kids know how to cross the street properly, and be aware of their surroundings for their safety. Kids are easily distracted talking to friends, listening to music, or even playing on their phones or gaming systems. Remind them that the below rules are to make sure they make it home safe to you!

  • Be sure to obey ALL traffic signs and lights
  • walk at designated crosswalks ONLY
  • do not run but walk when crossing (so you can pay better attention)
  • look both ways not only before crossing, but while crossing as well
  • if walking when it’s dark out (especially for early morning bus riders) wear reflective clothing or carry a flashlight


  • Make sure they know to keep their distance from the bus; bus drivers have limited visibility and you definitely want them to make sure the driver can see them. If they must cross in front of it, make sure they use the sidewalk to walk at least 10 feet in front of the bus before crossing, and that the DRIVER SEES THEM. When stepping off, step into the sidewalk and walk the 10 steps out and away before continuing.
  • NEVER EVER WALK BEHIND A BUS or PLAY near a bus. It can begin moving at any time, and again, the driver has limited visibility
  • If you drop something near a bus, tell the driver before just picking it up

They also need to watch out for other vehicles – as we know, people are easily distracted while driving by their phones, music, their breakfast, or even their kids in the backseat. Don’t walk onto a street if there is a lot of brush like bushes, shrubs or trees that might block them from view of these drivers. Also NEVER walk between parked cars! A parked car could move at any time, and most of the time drivers are looking for other vehicles, not people when pulling out into oncoming traffic.

Moving vehicles ESPECIALLY need to be watched with CARE -even if they are moving slowly, and ESPECIALLY in school parking lots! We have experienced this a lot when I used to drive my son to school. They are too busy trying to get out of the traffic of the school parking lot (which is a whole other post on its own) then watching for littles exiting their parents vehicles. Always be mindful when walking in a parking lot, or crossing where vehicles are!

If kids are made aware, and can grasp the concept of the dangers that can be right in front of them they are more likely to pay attention and follow the rules!


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