Avengers: ENDGAME Speechless: Marvel will never be the same, and either will my heart.

In Infinity War, the audience left the theaters with their mouths wide open, shock running through their minds.

With Endgame, those reactions will be much more intense.

Remember all the emotion you felt while watching Infinity War?? Remember the laughter, the gasps, and the tears? Multiply that by 20 – no make that 100, That still doesn’t reach what you’ll feel watching this iconic film.

With twist and turns and an ending you won’t see coming, Marvel creates a film that they themselves will never be able to recreate. There is no mercy, no character that gets away unscathed, and no viewer that will walk away with no tears. It’s a messy, beautiful ending for some characters and stories that we’ve all been following for the past ten years. I was speechless : Marvel will never be the same and either will my heart.

A focus on the heroes who started the stories, the Russo Brothers deliver a truly bittersweet and heartbreaking ending. Using trips down memory lane and small drops of hope for the future, we get beautiful complete arcs for the characters we love. It all comes full circle, and you’ll leave the theater both happy and sad that you’ve seen this legendary film.

(Spoilers) Tony Stark finally gets a child. A cute, adorable little girl named Morgan. Ignore all the snark and attitude you’ve seen from Tony in older films – in this movie, every action, every word is full of love. Having a child changed him, and it changed him for the better. He’s no longer the man we met in Iron Man – he’s far from it.

Steve Rogers finally finds happiness in a way you don’t expect it. His arc will end in a way that will leave you both happy and tearful in the best way possible.

Thor Odinson has hope for the future. He had spent his time trying to hide his sadness, trying to hide the fact that he was afraid. But the events of the movie force him to deal with this. Though he doesn’t reign down on the bad guys or use any of that lightning going through his veins, his character development reaches new heights.

One thing’s for sure – you’ll leave the theater proud of them all.

But, you’ll also leave with sadness. For every smile you have, there will be 20 tears to greet it. Not every character will have the ending or story you want them to have. But I promise you – it will all be worthy of the brave and selfless people you fell in love with.

While some characters don’t get the most screen time, you know you’ll see more of them in the future. But that’s ok – this movie was a tear-jerking yet heartwarming tribute to the OG characters. Just know when you see it – bring tissues.

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