Affordable Make-Up Perfect for Summer

With Summer upon us, I don’t know about you guys, but I like to change up the makeup products that I wear! Go a bit lighter on my makeup, so I don’t sweat it all off! Summer can get very hot, and the feeling of wearing a heavy makeup face can be a bit disturbing! Not to mention you’ll be swimming, hanging out at the beach, going to amusement parks, places you don’t need to be the most glamorous person around! So here are a few of my favorite products to use this Summer!
Summer Makeup
Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream: In the summer season, I do not like to wear a very thick, full coverage foundation…But I do still like my fave to be all even, and looking nice as well! So this BB Cream is perfect for me, it’s a light-medium coverage and very refreshing! It is a 8 in 1 BB Perfecting Cream. The 8 things benefits it provides are: Blurs imperfections, Brightens, Evens skin tone, Smooths, Hydrates, Enhances complexion, Protects skin with SPF 30, and there are 0% oils and heavy ingredients.
POP Beauty trio in Naturally Bare (or Honey): I think this eyeshadow trio is PERFECT for summer! They are highly pigmented, great quality, and beautiful. Being that these are neutral colors, you could wear them for everyday wear in the Summer, for a day look as well as a night look. Something very simple, doesn’t need to be played up with a bunch of colors, smokiness, or glitter. A great product for everyday wear.
Physican’s Formula Blush Happy Booster Glow & Mood Boosting Blush in shade Rose: This blush from Physician’s Formula, not only is the product itself beautiful just by looking at it, it is also a gorgeous blush when applied. This warm pinky shade is perfect for the Summer months, it’s just the right blend of warmth and brightness that brightens up your face for a Summer look. This blush is also amazing because it does not have shimmer in it, but it does have almost like a sheen within it that provides your face with a beautiful glow.
Maybelline Waterproof Rocket Mascara: I think my personal favorite drugstore mascara, it provides a great amount of length and volume to the lashes. It’s also a bit on the cheaper end of the spectrum, being around $6-$7. Getting this mascara in the waterproof formula is perfect for Summer because it will stay all long, throughout your encounters in the pool, you won’t sweat it off completely, and you’ll be looking great all day!
Baby Lips Lip Glosses: If you haven’t already heard, Maybelline has just released a new edition to their Baby Lips line, instead of their original lip balm ideas, they released Lip Glosses!! They are amazing!! They are a really great formula. They are not a great moisturizing lip balm, which is great for Summer, the sun can be extremely drying on your lips! And not to mention, they are not sticky at all! It really is a great formula and i’m so excited to use them this Summer.
ELF Bronzing Palette: ELF has just released a few new palettes, one of them is the bronzing palette in Bronzed Beauty. This is a palette of four colors of different bronze, 3 matte shades and one with shimmer in it. This palette is truly amazing because it is great for simply warming up the face, contouring the face, or even using the shimmer shade to make a nice warm glow on the face. Also, it’s great that there are a few different shades because you may get tanner throughout the Summer, and then you already have that darker shade that you need!
Well, these are a few of my favorite products to be using this Summer! They will all keep you looking great this Summer season! I hope you all enjoy!
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