#ad: Gluten Free Cooking with Tyson Grilled Chicken Breast Fillets

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 You see in the news, on T.V, Facebook and all over Pinterest about gluten free living. Sometimes the press plays it off like a new fad diet, but gluten free living is a life saver for many people. A glutenfree diet is a diet that excludes the protein glutenGluten is found in grains such as wheat, barley, rye and triticale (a cross between wheat and rye). A glutenfree diet is used to treat celiac disease. Celiac disease is a condition that damages the lining of the small intestine and prevents it from absorbing parts of food that are important for staying healthy. I’ve had many readers reach out asking for more quick and easy gluten free recipes #CookitGF and with the help of Tyson we’ve came up with a great quick and easy gluten-free chicken taco!


When I see a healthy food frozen I get excited! That means less prep work for me, less time in the kitchen and more time doing other things I love. So finding out that Tyson has gluten-free grilled chicken breast fillets gets me excited. I found them at Sam’s Club, who is actually featuring the gluten-free chicken breast fillets in-store with a demo on March 6th and March 8th; you can find a list of participating stores here.


What I love about the frozen chicken is all it needs to do is be heated and served. This recipe literally takes minutes and can be used in so many ways. Tacos are always a family favorite, so we like to get creative. I was able to find both hard and soft gluten-free taco shells (yay!) and taco seasoning (yay!). As I was researching I was amazed at how many things we eat on a daily basis includes gluten that you wouldn’t even think about.

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I think one of the great things about going gluten-free is the taste is still phenomenal! My little taste tester was more then happy to dig into some tacos after school, even though she was a bit leery because she thought it might be ‘diet’ food. Needless to say Tyson has done it once again!

#ad #CookItGF #shop #cbias

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8 Responses to #ad: Gluten Free Cooking with Tyson Grilled Chicken Breast Fillets

  1. I love tacos but I am the only one is the house who does. These sound yummy!!

  2. Those look good. Love hard shell tacos.

  3. Chicken Tacos are so easy to make and my crew love them. That’s makes them two for two in my book!

  4. I know so many people that are now living gluten-free lives! Love your delicious recipe! #client

  5. Yum….your tacos look good and I’m drooling over those GF tortillas!

  6. Tacos are always a big hit at our house, and we are always looking for ways to accommodate family members who are Gluten Free for health/medical reasons! Thanks for sharing! #client

  7. This is great! I’m going to share with a friend of mine whose daughter was recently diagnosed with celiac. Thanks so much for the gluten free recipe.

  8. parentinginnky2013 says:

    Will def check these Gluten Free Tyson Chicken Breasts out! I agree that so many people think of it as a fad diet when for many it is a necessary diet!

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