7 Hacks to Help You Move Quicker

Moving is almost rarely enjoyable. I mean, you have to pack up all your stuff just to unpack it again somewhere else? You eat off of paper plates with plastic utensils for your last week because you know your kitchen takes the most to pack. You shift boxes around for weeks while you try and continue living in your home. It’s just not fun.

The fun comes on the other end when you get to unpack and decorate somewhere new! Whether you’re moving to a new city, a new apartment, with a significant other, into your first married home…it’s exciting doing something new. Now, to get to the new, and past the terrible process of moving, here are my packing hacks.

  1. Label everything! Unless you’re packing things in the boxes they originally came in such as your pans, Keurig or pots make sure to label your boxes with the room, general contents, and whether it’s fragile or not. This will help you to locate it once you move as well as you can tell the content inside without having to open each box and be surprised.
  2. Wrap your clothes. Now…what does this mean? Chances are, you have a few things on hangers. Once upon a time, I would move the clothes separately from the hangers and then have to put everything back together. Then, thanks to Pinterest, I found the best hack.It saves so much time! Take a garbage bag and literally wrap up your clothes right on the hanger. This will keep them clean in moving trucks, and just make them easier to move.
  3. Baggies are your friend. If you have furniture or hanging pieces that require particular hardware, take it off the wall or take it apart, and immediately put the unique pieces into their own unique baggie. Then, label the baggie. Keep all of your hardware in one box to make it easier to move as well. What is a magic box? See the post below! 
  4. Have a magic box. There are going to be a few things that you need pretty soon after arriving at the new place. Things like hardware, some cleaning supplies, box cutter, etc. Put all of this in a box and carry this box with you. The last thing you want is to have to go hunting for a box cutter so you can then find the toilet paper when you have to pee at your new home.
  5. Prep the new place. If you have the chance to get into your new place before your hired moving day, prep the place with the essentials. Make sure there’s some water for you and whoever is helping you. You’ll need toilet paper as well. Probably some paper towels. If you have things that are precious to you, go ahead and get them in the place before the movers start moving.

  1. Take The Stress Out: One of the easiest hacks to help you through a move is having someone else help you with managing it. How can you do that? Hire a professional moving company to do the hard work for you! Bearded Brothers Moving Group is the answer to this issue. This Youngstown, Ohio long distance movers  offer a variety of services to help you that not only include packing and moving but even more specific needs such as packing and unpacking, furniture disassembly and reassembling, and art and antique moving. They are friendly, professional, and extremely helpful when you need a break from the overwhelming feeling of moving. 
  2. Don’t procrastinate. Seriously. I’ve helped my sister move enough times to know that procrastination is the worst. Moving a grocery bag of miscellaneous socks and underwear isn’t efficient! Plan out weekends or nights that you have a few hours to go through room by room on what should be packed up. 

While these hacks are only the beginning of easy things to help you move, I’m sure there are many more that I’d love to hear in the comments below! What are some crazy hacks you’ve tried or heard of before? While I might not be moving personally, I hope you have found this information helpful and that you take into consideration when the big day does arrive! 

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~ XOXO, the self proclaimed expert in moving, Amanda // Blonde out of Water

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