6 Things You Didn’t Know About Driving a Jeep

Alright, I have confession to make. Every vehicle that is owned in my household is a Jeep. My husband started off with an obsession to go off roading –  and I always wanted to Wrangler (it’s like that convertible  sports car feel, but with an SUV which I like to  call a little bit of heaven). But I didn’t realize that much like the blogging community, the sweepstakes community, and even the coupon community, there was a Jeep community as well. It’s not something they tell you when you buy one at the dealership, but there are somethings you might want to know once you purchase your first Jeep.


There’s this thing called the ‘death wobble’. It’s something you never want to experience, but something you always need to keep an eye out for. It’s usually a major issue caused by poor alignment, unbalanced tires, worn ball joints, and busted steering stabilizers. So yeah, it’s pretty much what it sounds like and it’s awful; I wouldn’t recommend it, and I’d definitely take precaution with maintenance.

The “Jeep Wave”. I laughed the first time my husband told me about this -but it’s true. It’s like a comradely of brothers, you see another Jeep -you wave. Whether you’re in a Wrangler, a Cherokee or a Compass  – you  give the Jeep wave. It’s just the polite thing to do.

You will eventually end  up with a wet rear end. The fun thing about Jeep Wranglers is taking the top off – the sucky thing about Jeep Wranglers –  is accidentally leaving the top off when it rains. I have more than one occasion either gotten a wet or muddy rear end from hopping up into the Wrangler. I would suggest always having a spare pair of pants, and maybe a towel or two in a waterproof bag on hand.


Plan to NEVER be finished with your Jeep. I think my husband is on tire set number 4 on the Wrangler -that he’s had just over a year. Always looking for bigger and better to go off roading. Lift kits? Maybe on his third. Not to mention the bar lights, winch – oh then a bigger, better winch, and so on and so  forth. There is always something bigger and better to get, or something else to improve. NEVER ENDING kinda like laundry.

No Excuses for Missing Work. Everyone knows you have tires that could climb a mountain, and a lift that keeps you a good 6 feet from the road – so pretty much calling in to miss work because the snow or any other bad weather, well, not possible.

It Never Goes Out of Style. My Uncle was off-roading 30 plus years ago – and it’s never gotten old. Old Jeeps even hold their value because of the hobby of off-roading or ‘mudding’.  I guess you would consider a Jeep purchase a really good investment.

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