5 Tips for Buying a Jeep

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I think buying a Jeep is a good investment. They hold their value, even if you rough the thing up..in fact alot of times, the rougher it looks, the more money you’ll get for it! (O.K. not really,but you get my point). When I first started looking for a gently used Jeep for myself I was a bit shocked with how much some people wanted for their 25 year old Jeeps with 200k miles. But guess what? People buy them, and that’s why the seller can charge you that much. I have yet to have a Jeep in this household that we didn’t end up selling it for more than  we bought it for –  so if you are in the market for a  Jeep, take a look at some of the tips to consider when making your purchase.

Know What Kind of Jeep You WantNot all Jeep lovers plan to take their Jeep’s off roading- maybe you want one because you know they are dependable, or you like the idea of taking the top off and not being in a crunchy little sports car. Either way, take a look at all the options and narrow them down before heading to shop. Trust me, because once you are there, they all look appealing.


Remember to Check Your Insurance Rate. Being a licensed insurance agent I cannot stress this enough. Recently I had a young lady all excited for her purchase of a brand spanking new Jeep Renegade. With her 4 speeds and 2 at fault accidents, the insurance premium was going to be more a  month than her car payment! Talk about a disappointment when she had to return the car because she couldn’t afford both! Check the rates BEFORE you make a decision to buy.

Do You Want to Tow, or Go Off-Roading? If so, you will need a  Jeep with a high towing capacity. For the most part the newer you go, the more you can  haul (or pull). You just need to make sure the vehicle you chose can accommodate those needs.

Understand SPACE. Grand Cherokees make a good family vehicle, and are great for long road trips. A standard Jeep or even a Wrangler will be a bit cramped for a trip to the beach.

Check the History. Like I’ve mentioned before a lot of  Jeeps are used off road, which means they very well might have been in an accident. I’m not talking scrapes from tree branches,or a dented fender, but flipped over in the mud and down the hill type of accident. Make sure you get a full history so you can see if the damage was internal, or if it had any at all. Also having a trusted mechanic inspect the Jeep before you buy it would be smart too!

Watch the Mileage. Rarely will you find an older Jeep that has less than 200k miles on it.(if you can find it, snag it up!) Figure out how many miles you drive a year to see what the lifespan of the Jeep may be; they do get great mileage, but just like any other vehicle the more miles on a vehicle, the more potential for issues in the future.

Being a Jeep owner is fun, and can be an investment. Just make sure you are buying the right one for you!

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