6 Best Places in the World to Go Bungee Jumping

If you’re one of those seeking that adrenaline rush, and haven’t tried bungee jumping yet, here’s something to help. We’ve shortlisted the 6 best places around the world that help you try your hand at it and experience the thrill.

Most of these places also offer beautiful views that you can relish on your way down (if you have your eyes open at all!).


Victoria Falls Bridge

This bridge is at around 365 feet in height, and while it may not be the highest bungee jump you could experience, it does have a certain thrill to it that sets it apart from the rest. Located at Zimbabwe, you can take your jump right into a rainbow, and with the lush greenery around and the Zambezi river below you, it can be one of the most freshest and exhilarating experiences you’ll ever have.


The Royal Gorge Bridge

Located in Colorado, this jump is believed to be among the few highest bungee jumps in the world. From the top, the river below looks like a tiny ribbon, and while the fall from the bridge lasts for around 15 seconds, it’ll definitely give you that rush you’re craving for.


Bloukrans Bridge

Located in South Africa, this bridge stands 700 feet tall and can be an intimidating sight for all those who’re scared of heights. After you’re done with your jump here, you can zip line through the jungle and head into the national park there.


Rio Grande Bridge

The Rio Grande Bridge, located in New Mexico, stands 680 feet tall and is probably the most popular bungee jump in the US, and for a good reason- it provides the highest active jump in the country. If you join the bungee jumping expedition there, you’ll get to experience the thrill at several locations which include the bridge, the Navajo bridge and many other places spread across western and Southwestern United States.


The Kawarau Bridge

Located in Queenstown, New Zealand, the Kawarau Bridge is often flocked by bungee jumping enthusiasts coming from all around the world. This bridge is supposedly where it all started- and where bungee jumping was first discovered. If you’ve got friends who aren’t really keen on jumping off from the bridge, they can get the chance to view you from the observation deck.


The Macau Tower

This one’s last, but is definitely not the least, because it has the record of the highest bungee jump in the world. As you go down, you can relish the gorgeous view of Macau city. The jump platform is said to be located at 764 feet above the city streets- which makes it the perfect place to experience the thrill to another level.

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