5 Foods to Detox your Body

After a long winter of indulging in comfort foods, you may feel like you need to press a reset button on your body. The good news is it’s possible to rid your body of toxins and restore it by simply by eating right. Here are 5 of my favorite foods to help detoxify, hydrate, and refresh your body all naturally, just in time for spring and summer!



  1. Green Berry Smoothies – Start your day on a healthy note by blending together a cup of greens like spinach, kale, and celery with a handful of berries to make a delicious smoothie. These leafy greens contain chlorophyll, a molecule that helps eliminate harmful environmental toxins that can contribute to illness and liver damage. The berries’ bounty of antioxidants and enzymes help fight free-radical damage that may lead to disease, and their sweetness takes over the more bitter taste of the greens—you won’t even notice they’re in there!
  2. Green Tea – Polyphenols, antioxidant-rich phytochemicals found in green tea leaves, help to detoxify the body by eliminating harmful free radicals. Studies have also shown that increased consumption of green tea may reduce your risk of several cancers. And that’s not all: Research has linked drinking green tea to improving memory and reducing belly fat when combined with exercise, thanks to the catechin EGCG, a powerful antioxidant. Win-win!
  3. Cabbage – Cabbage, made up of approximately 92 percent water, is a natural diuretic that can help expel excess fluids from the body, so you can’t go wrong by filling up on this water-based food. It’s packed with glucosinolates, organic compounds that contain nitrogen and sulfur which help flush out unwanted toxins. Plus, cabbage delivers a good dose of many essential vitamins, including C, K, E, and A, minerals, dietary fiber, and folic acid.
  4. Water – The best things in life are free—including tap water. Start off your morning with a glass of water, and stay hydrated all day by carrying a reusable water bottle (I bring a Klean Kanteen with me everywhere!). Drinking water before a meal can help take the edge off hunger, and of course it’s important to drink up before and after a workout. Aim for nine cups a day, as recommended by Mayo Clinic, to help flush out toxins through your liver and kidneys.
  5. Lemon –Drinking a glass of water infused with lemon (or adding lemon to a mug of hot water) is a proven strategy to help cleanse your body. Lemons contain antibacterial properties that help purify the blood and balance the pH level of your colon. The citrus fruit’s vitamin C will also help boost your immunity. Lemon juice is so versatile in cooking—you can add it to salad dressings, marinades, smoothies, and juices, or finish off a pasta, fish, or chicken dish with a squeeze of fresh lemon.

What are some of your favorite ways to ‘detox’ after a long winter?

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5 Responses to 5 Foods to Detox your Body

  1. Katrina says:

    I love herbal teas and green teas. I have a few loose leaf varieties that I keep on hand. During the spring and summer, I just drink them cold. I find they are great when I’ve had too much coffee or just “want” something else since coffee is my go-to drink.

    I’m not a lemon person, but I do like lime or oranges. I might start tossing a few into my tea, I normally don’t think about it.

  2. Great tips! Add Broccoli, Cauliflower and Brussels Sprouts to the list 🙂 Detox Foods are all I eat.

  3. Just starting to drink green smoothies so I am not sold on them yet. However, i do love green teas!

  4. Amanda says:

    Awesome tips! I need to go on a detox! It’s been on my list!

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