10 Tips To Shop Trendy Fashion While Staying In Budget

Looking good is something that every woman yearns to do all the time. Whether it is her outfits, accessories, hairdo, or makeup, she wants to follow the latest trends. However, looking like a style diva can be an expensive thing to do, with prices of fashion brands soaring. The best way is to figure out ideas that fit fashion right in your budget. So if you are planning to transform your current wardrobe to a trendy collection, here are some tips to help:

1.Start by knowing your style

Before you have your shopping list ready, understand what exactly your style statement is. Know your body and comprehend the kind of clothing that would look the best on you. Instead of following someone else’s style, have a style of your own and follow it religiously. Follow the golden rule of buy clothes that look good on you, not on others.

2.Review what you already own

Shopping should be a carefully planned activity rather than a blind game. So there is a need to give your wardrobe a review to check things that you already have. The idea is to buy things that you need, not the ones that are crammed somewhere in the corner of your closet waiting for your attention. Most women are likely to have something or the other she bought at a point in time but never wore. So a periodic review can help you save money.

3.Don’t always run after brands

If you really want to look trendy without toppling your budget, don’t just run after brands. Shop flea markets or look for stores that sell second copies. Some good ones are as amazing as the originals and you can hardly tell the difference. There are plenty of brick-and-mortar stores as well as online sites that sell second copies at reasonable prices. So this means that you do not always have to spend a fortune to look good.

4.Shop at sales

Wait for your favorite time of the year to replenish your wardrobe collection. End-of-the-season sales make the best time to shop for the thrifty shopper. Let the discounts run low before you plan your spree. At the same time, you should keep checking the stocks so that your sizes do not run out of stock. Be a smart shopper and choose the right time to hit the market.

5.Explore online

Another shopping tip for a smart fashionista is to explore online. Hundreds of brands are coming up with online stores that sell at a price lower than the actual tag to promote their online presence. Moreover, it is easy to get deals and offers online even when the sale season is not around. There are even some specialized websites like Plusvouchercode where you can pick discount coupons to economize your purchase of your favorite brand. For instance, Dorothy Perkins discount codes will help you buy the right clothes at the right price.

6.Resell and recycle

Reselling and recycling are the best ways to get smart with your fashion game. Your wardrobe will have plenty of pieces that you might not wear just because they do not fit or match your style criteria at present. Yet, they may be good enough to be worn. Just resell them and use the money to buy new clothes that match your current size and taste.

7.Play with the classics

Being a smart shopper is not just about picking clothes at lower prices, but also about being able to play with the classics. Invest in some classics such as a white shirt, black top, a pair of jeans and a basic black skirt and go creative as you mix and match. The concept of “capsule wardrobe” redefines the fashion quotient by putting style in budget. A capsule wardrobe has a limited number of pieces that are to be combined creatively to create a new look every single day.

8.Buy stuff you can wear all-year

Another tip to fit fashion in your budget is to always buy clothes that you can wear all through the year. For instance, a Little Black Dress makes a perfect example of all-year fashion. It can be worn in all seasons and at all occasions. Wear it straightaway on a summer dance night or layer it with a long coat on a winter date.

Finally, it is important to be a restrained shopper. Understand the difference between need and want instead of going around picking things you may never wear in future. Learn to invest in a complete look rather than just an outfit.

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