Where Should I Go For Financial Advice?

Taking control of your finances can be difficult in this day in age. There are so many ways to borrow and invest money, so many legalities and so many complex terms that it can become dizzying trying to navigate your way through it all. Fortunately, there are many places to go for advice that can help guide you through the best options available. Here are five ways to help manage your money.

Hire a financial advisor


Financial advisors are well recommended if you own a business, however many people will hire them on a personal basis too to help guide them through mortgages, loans, credit rebuilding, handling inheritance and investing personal savings. Financial advisors are great for offering personal face-to-face advice and explaining things in layman’s terms. However, they do cost a fair bit of money – which isn’t useful if you’re trying to find a way of clawing yourself out of debt. Before hiring a financial advisor always ask about their track record and whether they charge by the hour.


Download money-saving apps


There are plenty of free apps out there such as Unsplurge that can help you track and get on top of your finances. They can act as diaries for recording your finances which you can carry around with you in your pocket wherever you go. They can also give you advice on how to budget from week to week. These might not be suitable for perusing more complex financial advice, but for day-to-day expenses they’re ideal.


Buy books to help you budget


There are all kinds of books out there that can offer financial advice. This post Best Money-Saving Books You Should Read Right Now details some of the most popular and acclaimed books on budgeting. A book costs very little and you can lower this cost by downloading as an e-book. Before buying a financial self-help book, always check the date it was published in case such advice is no longer applicable.


Use your friends and family


For free advice, nothing beats your friends and family. If you’re buying your first house and your parents have prior experience on the property ladder, don’t be too proud to ask them for their advice. Mortgages and the state of the property trade may be different, but they’ll still be able to offer some useful insight. Also make use of any friends that may work in financial jobs – some of them can make great free financial advisors when it comes to knowing where to spend and save money.


Get advice from blogs


Blogs – such as this one – are great places to find handy financial tips for free. Some will be more suited to individuals than others. If you’re running a big business, you’re better off reading The Financial Times or Forbes. There are also many financial vloggers out there for those that are more visual learners. You shouldn’t trust everything you hear on the internet, so always check it’s from a reputable source – there are plenty of money-making scams out there from shady characters claiming you can make thousands a week from paying to subscribe to their website. Be careful online and don’t buy into anything without having fully read up on it elsewhere.

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Tips for Sustaining Financial Stability

While many topics have been introduced in school, there is one that you will have to learn on your own; managing your money. The key to financial success and stability is learning how to manage and account for your money. You can do it on your own, or you can hire professionals to invest and take care of your investments. If you are looking to invest in alternative investments, you can hire the services of a successful hedge fund manager from Dallas, Texas known as James Dondero. James Dondero offers his services worldwide through Highland Capital Management that has offices in Singapore, London, and New York City. Read through this article to discover several tips that you can follow for your financial stability.

Importance of self-control

Self-control is very important when it comes to financial stability. Some people have been taught this attribute from an early age by their parents, but most people get to learn it later in life. For instance, it’s better to wait until you have saved money to buy an item rather than acquire it on credit. Credit is disastrous as it will earn interest and you will end up paying more. Experts like James Dondero will advise you on the importance of buying what you need.

Learn some basics about finance

Relying on others to manage your finances can be very disastrous. Some may mismanage your finances intentionally while others may mean well but they don’t have the necessary expertise. For instance, there are unscrupulous commission financial planners that aim to make money from your ignorance. To avoid these pitfalls, take a step further by attending a financial class or read books about finance. This will ensure that you are not caught off-guard by banks, your advisors or even friends. According to experts such as James Dondero, the best way to achieve financial stability is understanding how money works. After learning some basics about finance, ensure that your expenses do not exceed your income. This is the best way of understanding where your money goes. For the recurring expenses, find alternatives that are cheaper, and you will be able to save much come the end of the month. Experts who specialize in wealth managements will tell you the importance of budgeting.

Importance of saving and investing

Now that you understand some basics about finance start saving for your retirement and find ways you can invest your money. You can choose to invest in the common investments such as bonds, shares, and equities or you can choose to go for alternative investments. Some of the alternative investments you can invest in include venture capital, hedge funds, and private equities. If you don’t know where to begin with alternative investments, you can contact James Dondero of Highland Capital Management for advice.

About James Dondero

James Dondero is known for his commitment to changing the education sector in the Dallas area through his outsized donations in the sector. His recent donation is a $2 million donation to the Southern Methodist University. Professionally, James Dondero specializes in alternative investments particularly hedge funds and distressed investments.
Through his many certifications such as CPA, CFA, and CMA, James has built a reputation for exceeding customers’ expectations. James Dondero sits on the board of other organizations such as Cornerstone
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Fashion Tips for the Grand National:

Ask any non-Millennial Brit who Red Rum is and they’ll be sure to tell you it was a famous racing horse. And not just any horse, the most successful ever at the Grand National winning it three times during the 1970’s.

The Grand National isn’t just a race for older men wanting to bet a couple of pounds here and there. Everyone in the country is buzzing around April in the build-up. We all know about it and most of us want to have a little bet. Some of us are lucky enough to get a ticket and have the chance to see it live.

Remember that 600 million people will be watching from all around the world – you don’t want a fashion disaster the moment the camera flashes across you!

So, let me cover a few fashion tips for attending this year’s Grand National.

What Day Should I Go?

Not many fans know that the Grand National takes part over three days between the 6th and 8th April. The famous race is on the last day. Fashion lovers go on the 7th to Lady’s Day where we have a chance to show off our best looks.

Whatever day you go, it’s always good to have a little bet. You don’t have to go over the top and you should always gamble responsibly. You can check out the latest trends below to help you choose your horse:


How to Dress for the Grand National:

There’s no official dress code, but you’re expected to dress smart. The level of formalness depends on where you’re sitting. If you’re in some of the stands or one of the executive boxes, you definitely need to look a million dollars. Women will hire their dresses months in advance!

Less formal is acceptable for other parts of the track, which gives you more flexibility. And the race is held during spring so the weather (hopefully) won’t be chilly.

A top fashion tip for the Grand National is to wear something bold to stand out. Florals are also quite popular amongst the ladies. At the same time, avoid wearing too much makeup or covering yourself in jewellery. And colours that are especially bright are a big no-no. You want to stand out, but not look like you’re overdoing it all, right?

The best piece of advice that I’ve ever received is that dressing for the Grand National is almost like dressing for someone’s wedding.

What Should I Wear on My Feet?

Be practical about your shoes. I know that we all love wearing high heels and that they make you look glamourous. However, you’re also going to be standing and walking around during the day.

If you want to wear heels, wear some that are sensible and practical. Flat shoes are coming back into fashion and are stylish, safer and more comfortable.

It all boils down to personal taste, but just remember to be practical and comfortable.

Do I Need to Wear a Hat?

You don’t have to wear a hat if you don’t want to. Most women do and let’s be honest, donning an elegant hat is fun. Choosing the perfect hat is never easy. My tip is to look at the photos from last year to find your inspiration and to learn the things to avoid. Then, order one online.

Takeaway Message:

The best day to show off your fashion at the Grand National is on Lady’s Day. Dress formally for the stands and executive boxes. Be more practical if you’re anywhere else and take into consideration that you’re going to be on your feet and walking a lot.

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Beauty & The Beast: What You Need to Know

A movie like only Disney can do, Beauty and the Beast live-action remake of the classic Beauty & The Beast cartoon is breathtaking.

Most of us know the story – we get to know Belle the beautiful, smart (but odd to the locals) woman who bravely takes her Father’s place as a prisoner by a Beast in a old castle filled with enchantment.  Belle finds herself looking beyond the Beast’s hideous appearance, and realizes not only do they have a lot in common – but he is kind hearted and a prince at heart.

The real-life action can be a little scary if you have little ones who scare easily – – but those moments don’t last too long. (By the time they’d cover their eyes, another great part will come along). But if you are concerned for the really little ones, this might be better watched at home instead of on the big screen with all the noise.

One thing I did want to address is the rumors of a “gay” character in this movie.
I do not know what Disney’s intentions were when making this movie -some say they are testing the waters, but I’m not here to address that  nor do I want to debate it, or even talk about it – but I’ve read a quite a few articles and statuses on social media about boycotting this movie because of  and I quote “Disney making Le Fou gay.”
Everyone is obviously allowed to have their opinion, and make decisions based on that-  about this movie. Some people don’t want to explain or expose their children to certain things – and that is your provocative. But I want to make this clear – this is a family friendly movie for anyone who enjoyed the cartoon version of Beauty and the Beast.
Just like in the classic version Le Fou is slightly obsessed with Gaston. In fact if you watch it, pretty much everyone in the town is taken by Gaston – except Belle. They fawn over him, admire him.
There is no exception to this in the live version of this movie – Le Fou makes no excuse, nor does he tryto hide – his admiration for Gaston. In my book, he wants to be Gaston – not be with Gaston.
Now there is about 2 seconds at the end of the movie when everyone is dancing and happy, and they all switch partners and Le Fou ends up dancing with a guy – but the scene changes soo quickly, you don’t even know what’s happening, or why, and you just move on to the story of the other characters. So if that bothers you then… but I mean my son and nephew dance together; they don’t question nor do they have any idea about sexuality in general. So to me it’s nothing.

In my opinion not one child will ask or question anything you won’t want to answer about this movie (except how did Belle get over the fact that the Beast looked like a demon – that’s what has me stumped). So if you were unsure, and believed all the rumors – fear not! Beauty and the Beast can still be on your watch list for this weekend!

Beauty and the Beast opens in theaters March 17th – check movie times, or buy your tickets here.


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