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Hiking in Ohio: Caldwell Nature Preserve

This past Sunday was BEAUTIFUL, and we took full advantage of the sunshine. We made our way to Caldwell Nature Preserve in Cincinnati – right on North Bend Road to get our hike on.

Caldwell Nature Preserve has a nature center (wasn’t open when we went unfortunately), a amphitheater (which looks like that could be fun) about 3 and half miles of hiking trails, and even a paved level trail for anyone with walking issues, or in a wheelchair.

They also have some some creeks to go ‘creekin’ in, if you enjoy that (which we do – especially the kids). We saw a lizard and quite a few tadpoles!

We like trails with a little bit of difficulty (little sassy does GREAT, but we also need to be careful) stairs, bridges, and quite a bit of mud was on the agenda for the day!

I wouldn’t consider Caldwell an all day hiking type of place, but if you have a few hours and you are looking for some beautiful scenery, wildlife, and exercise , this is a great place to visit. We will definitely be back!

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How to Keep Your Skin Moisturized (Winter Guide)

Winter weather is certainly not fun for your skin. Low humidity levels and cold weather result in dry air which steals the moisture away from your skin. Dry skin can also lead to other several conditions such as cracking, bleeding, and even the appearance of acne. If you think that dry skin is just a normal part of the cold season, you should think again. Skin pros have shared their best strategies to keep your skin moisturized and hydrated during winter.

Hydrate from the inside out

Rich and hydrating products are certainly a must to help boost your skin’s moisture levels. However, there is one more golden rule that you have to keep in mind all around the year. Not intaking enough water will make your skin become dehydrated and lose its moisture. Staying hydrated during the cold season is a must to have radiant skin. Warm and comforting herbal teas, hydrating fruits and vegetables, plain water will help you hydrate your body from the inside out. Moreover, they will also boost your immunity during the flu season.

Exfoliate your skin

Skin exfoliation is wrongly promoted to be bad for the skin during winter. People believe that exfoliation only makes your skin become dryer. However, it is the best way to remove the top layer of dead skin cells and allow better absorption of your body products for moisturizing. Exfoliation is also beneficial for boosting collagen for a more healthier looking skin.

Use the right moisturizer

Once you have removed all the dead skin cells from your body, you have to apply the right moisturizer. Dryer areas like your hands, feet, elbows, and knees have thin skin and tend to lose moisture faster than other areas of your body. Choosing the right product for your skin type may be difficult.  Find out more on to help you choose the perfect moisturizer for your skin. Also, once you apply it, make sure to leave plenty of time for the moisturizer to absorb into the skin.

Avoid hot showers

We all associate long hot showers with the sensation of relaxation. And, especially during winter when you have been out in the cold the whole day, you can barely wait to get home and warm up your body with a hot shower or bath. However, despite that calm sensation you feel afterward, long and steamy showers can seriously affect your skin. Hot water strips the beneficial oils of the skin and leaves it dry and sensitive. Therefore, you should either opt for moisturizing ingredients to infuse your skin with moisture while you soak or take shorter showers.

Protect your skin

The most exposed areas of your skin to the cold weather are your hands, face, and neck. During winter, get used to wearing gloves and scars to protect your skin from the cold winds, rain, and snow. Moreover, winter sun can be as damaging for your skin as during summer. Therefore, applying sunscreen before going out of your house is also essential to keep your skin hydrated and moisturized.

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Strawberry Trifle

Since I made the Death by Chocolate Trifle, I’ve tried my hand at a few variations. During Easter I decided to try my hand at a lighter type of trifle using strawberries – and it was a success! I think it would be a perfect addition for any summer cookouts, or a weekend treat!

What You’ll Need:
I made a homemade strawberry mousse for my trifle, which I found on Pinterest, (so go check out the recipe on An Italian in My Kitchen’s blog). You’ll need a lot of strawberries, some granulated sugar, and whipping cream.
For the remainder of the trifle you’ll need:
Sliced and diced strawberries
Angel food cake
Cool Whip

I would suggest making the strawberry mousse, and letting it set (and get nice and cold) over night if possible. If you are making your own angel food cake, do the same with that as well – you want everything cooled to make the trifle.

 In  a trifle bowl layer angel food cake pieces, strawberry mousse, cool whip and then strawberries until trifle bowl is full – be sure that the top is a layer of strawberries! Keep chilled – and serve in small bowls and enjoy!

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Hiking Fun in Yellow Springs

So anyone that follows me on social media knows that my family (like legit, mom, Dad, sister, kids, niece and nephew) all enjoy going hiking. We make it a family affair (including carrying the little one on our shoulders after she poops out). I’m constantly on the look out for great places to hike that give us a bit of variety, so as I was searching I came across the area of Yellow Springs Ohio. I was super excited because it has a ton of trails (over 2000 acres of woodland and rivers edge hiking trails in Glen Helen, John Bryan State Park and Clifton Gorge). and WATERFALLS! I knew the family would be totally up for a water adventure, so after church one Sunday we headed up to Yellow Springs to see what kind of trouble we could get into!

This park is HUGE so without really knowing where we were going we found a place to park and ended up on the Glen Helen Multi-trail loop which is about 4 and 1/2 miles around.
Already this park was different than we were used to – trees that really tower, bridges, boulders and narrow paths. It reminded me a bit of Hocking Hills (I can’t wait to take the kids there this fall).

We ran across a fresh spring ‘waterfall’ within the first few minutes and the kids jumped right in (literally) it was a pretty hot day so I didn’t mind, though I wish I would of brought an extra outfit (or two) and had them wear their swim trunks!
Miss Sassy pants enjoyed playing in the water too – we do hike quite a bit, so I think she was shocked there was actually water she could play in!
The boys love to climb on anything and everything, so we allowed them where it was permitted.

About mid way in, we found the mother of all waterfalls (well, at least for the kids) and they got super excited to jump in and play. Now I am not entirely sure that playing in the falls is something that is usually permitted since on our way back out of the trails, we saw some park rangers headed to the direction of the falls with a few flyers about some rules (I still don’t know what they said for sure, but I wanted to give a disclaimer that we didn’t see anything posted when we let the kids play)

But the boys had a blast and didn’t want to leave! I love seeing them enjoy the outdoors and not have their nose stuck in a tablet or playing video games. I would take them hiking every day if I could.

We enjoyed a few hours of hiking, stopped and had a picnic lunch at one of the picnic areas and headed home, but we will be back!
If you are looking for a fun new place to hike you definitely need to check it out!



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