Give the Gift of Games & Gear This Fathers Day with Reebok SPARTAN RACE!

If you are unsure about what to get Dad for this Father’s Day like me (I’ve been wracking my brain for weeks!) Look no further – give the gift of games and gear with the Reebok SPARTAN RACE Father’s Day Promotion!


Use the code: SPARTANDAD and get 50% off gear, $69 races & 2 free digital books with any race purchase (Spartan Up! & Spartan Fit!)

The Spartan Race is the world’s premier obstacle course race (OCR). An OCR is a race with the additional challenge of obstacles along the course. These obstacles require athletes to have a complete fitness level (cardiovascular fitness + strength + mobility).

Spartan Race offers multiple distance races for you to choose which is right for you – they have beginner to advanced, so they have a level for everyone. They even have a race for kids to get them started early!

So go register Dad today for a gift he will never forget!
Offer ends 6/18

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How to Get More Bang for Your Buck When Purchasing a New Car

I have made a lot of mistakes in my day – and one of the worst financial mistakes I’ve made is being desperate for a car and heading to a dealership ready to buy, without being informed.
Before you begin test driving, you should do your research not only on the type of vehicle you want to buy, but the smart way to go about buying it. If you go in smelling of desperation and cluelessness you will end up paying more for a vehicle than you should – which could haunt you for years to come.
There are a few simple steps you can take to educate yourself and make the best financial decision for yourself and your family.

Get PreApproved.
Getting pre approved gives you an advantage – one you can compare the dealers interest rates to your pre-approval, and two, you’ll be able to focus on the sales price of the vehicle instead of just the monthly payment.
Most financial experts will tell you that your car payment shouldn’t exceed more than 15% of your take home pay – so figure that out before you start car shopping; I know sometimes its hard to resist that car you just really, really want but trust me – the newness wears off, but that car payment – that car payment is here to stay.

Determine Your Needs.
Trust me when you are in need of a vehicle, you aren’t always thinking clearly. You won’t remember how much you hated a 2 door, or that even though a vehicle may fit your family, it doesn’t leave much room for anything else. Make a MUST HAVE list and look at vehicles online that fit your needs before going and test driving a vehicle.

Take Advantage of Special Programs.
Most dealerships offer special programs that could highly benefit you when purchasing a new car. Some of these Special Programs include a military/veteran discount, builders/contracts discounts and allowances, farmers, realtors and more can get up to $500 or more cash allowance. Just be sure to look online or ask. Dealerships like Holden Dodge even offers up to $1,000 cash reimbursement for auto disability assistance to help reduce the cost of installing adaptive driver or passenger equipment on your new vehicle.

Find Out What It’s Really Going to Cost.
There is more to purchasing a car than just the car payment – you have to consider other factors such as gas, insurance (which can be a really big factor), fuel cost, taxes, maintenance and repairs. If you have your eye set on a specific make/model – get your final numbers before signing on the dotted line. Call your insurance company and get a quote, compare gas mileage to your current vehicle and how much you drive now, and find out if that particular model is prone to certain issues and price out any repairs and maintenance you may need.

Sleep on It.
Before making any definite decision – sleep on it. Get your final offer, copies of the paperwork, and make sure you have your ducks in a row before signing. Make sure no extras were added on , the interest rate and monthly payment were what you agreed to, and that everything lines up for what you want.

Buying a new car is a big decision, and you want to make sure that you are happy with your decision for the next 4 to 6 years!







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Hidden Gem: Holiday Auto Theatre #LetsGoPlaces #ToyotaDriveIn

This post is sponsored by Toyota and the #ToyotaDriveIn Event

So if you follow me on social media you would of seen a few weeks ago that I took the crew to a drive-in movie. Yes, we are lucky enough to have our very own drive-in theatre here in Hamilton, OH at the Holiday Auto Theatre.

I guess I’ve always taken it for granted since it’s always been here – I grew up going. But I have friends far and wide that are quite impressed (and maybe a little jealous!)

This trip was quite special though – Toyota sponsored a #ToyotaDriveIn night where they offered FREE POPCORN for guests, and the first 50 got a special gift – a blue tooth speaker!

Toyota graciously offered me the use of a Toyota Rav4 to use during the #ToyotaDriveIn week – and I have to say my family was quite impressed.

Taking a #roadtrip in the beautiful 2017 @toyotausa Rav4 #LetsGoPlaces #ToyotaDriveIn

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Leather seats, navigation, sunroof, foot activated liftgate (probably one of my most favorite features) birds eye view camera, and so much more – I wanted to keep it forever!

So we took it to the drive-in on Friday night to enjoy the #ToyotaDriveIn Movie Night, and the kids had a blast!

What I really love about the Drive-In is being able to take the kids and they can walk around, move around in the vehicle, sit outside and just enjoy the outdoors – and a movie all at once! (this is a GREAT option if you aren’t sure your little one is ready for the movie theater yet – miss sassy pants had to go on a walk a few times and in the car for a break when she didn’t want to sit in her chair!)

They also offer 2 movies – for the price of 1! We don’t always stay for both, but it’s a great deal, and can also a lot of fun!

They also have a really awesome snack bar, that has everything a regular movie theatre has to offer.

Going to the drive-thru is fun, but you do need to be prepared. Its a bit like getting prepared for a camping trip.
You need to bring the following:
Blankets (even in the midst of summer it can get kind of chilly at night)
Bug Spray (some nights there are mosquitos)
Radio (unless you want to keep your vehicle running the entire time)

The Holiday Auto Theatre also offers a Food Permit that you can purchase at the gate – they allow you to bring in your own food, for just $5.00
We sometimes bring in pizza and snacks from home, which helps save money and makes the drive-in so much more affordable.

So if you are ever near the area – or just want to take a road trip and visit, you can get directions, movie times, and find out what’s playing here.


Click here to find out more information about the 2017 Toyota Rav4


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Outdoor Fun in Breckenridge


If you’re looking for a great place to spend the weekend or a few days in the outdoors, Breckenridge may be a perfect destination for you. This town is nestled at the foot of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado and has lots of activities all year round. In the winter, you can rent one of the cabins in Breckenridge and spend your time skiing or snowboarding. When the weather picks up, it becomes a haven for hikers and mountain bikers. This makes Breckenridge one of the best destinations for outdoor activities in the United States. Here are some ways to have fun at this destination.

Go Skiing:

Skiing is the most popular thing to do at Breckenridge. There are slopes of varying levels of difficulty that can suit the needs of anyone. Some are easier and others are more challenging. Most are better suited for people with an intermediate level of skills and can be quite dangerous to those who don’t. If you’re not confident on the slopes, you can find an instructor to teach you or even go down with you. This is something to consider if it’s been a while since you’ve been skiing as one wrong move before can break bones.

Some people bring their own equipment with them, others need to rent skis when they arrive. If you fall into the second category, the best thing is the check online beforehand. There are lots of places to rent in Breckenridge and you may find special promotions or discounts online. And if you arrange everything before you come, all you need to do is pick them up when you get there – you don’t have to wait around.

Go Snowboarding:

Snowboarding is another winter sport that many Americans take part in at Breckenridge. Avoid the more advanced peaks until you’re confident and try to arrange any rentals before you arrive. Lessons are also available for beginners or people who just want to brush up on their skills. Snowboarding is a strenuous activity, which combined with the altitude can make you fatigued. For this reason, you should avoid doing anything too taxing until your body has had the chance to acclimatize.

Go Hiking:

Being at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, you can expect to find a number of hiking trails. The difficulty varies from something slightly more than a gentle stroll to more advanced 10-miles plus treks. Every trail that you use will give you amazing views of the surrounding mountains and peaks with some passing through forests and near Alpine lakes. Remember to bring enough liquid and to drink plenty. You’re going to need more water than you usually would as the altitude dehydrates and fatigues the body faster than at sea level.

Most people hike during the warmer months when the snow begins to melt. It’s also popular for people to have their summer vacation here to reach some of the peaks. Not everyone will be here when it’s warm and some of the skiers and snowboarders may want to try the trails. If you do, expect the trail to be icy and make sure you have proper hiking boots for trekking in the winter.

Go Camping:

If you want to spend more time getting reacquainted with the outdoors, find a tent and sleeping bag and go camping at Breckenridge. There are several camping grounds in the region that’s a short distance from the town. It’s easy to find and make reservations online before you arrive. The more remote spots are found in Silverthorne and you could be pitching the tent near the Blue River. This area is more peaceful and gets fewer visitors, but call in advance to reserve a spot as it fills up quickly in the summer.

Go Rafting:

Rafting is something for when the weather is warmer. As the snow melts, streams and rivers get a constant influx of water making the water flow faster. This makes it a perfect spot for river rafting. You can find packages and tours online and it’s best to book up a month in advance. Tours can be for casual rafters drifting around the river up to full-on adrenaline junkies who are bouncing around in the rapids. However, just remember that if the sun is shining, the water will still be very cold if you fall in!

Go Ziplining:

This activity has been growing in popularity over the last few years for thrill seekers of all ages. Some of the lines are high in the mountains and others seem to stretch on forever. All of them are against the breath-taking backdrop of the mountains. Places can fill up quickly and you should reserve the tickets before you arrive to avoid any disappointment. Zip lining is offered all year around in both the summer and winter months.

Visit the Breckenridge Nordic Center:

This center is a ski resort with a range of activities to suit any visitor. You can join cross country skiing tours or follow natural trails in your snowshoes. There are also several shops and activities here to keep the rest of your party entertained. Ladies will especially like the spas and beauty centers.

Wrapping Up:

Breckenridge is a perfect destination for outdoor activities at any time of the year. You can go skiing and snowboarding in the winter and hiking in the mountains when the weather picks up. There’s something to keep everyone happy at any time of the year when you visit this charming destination in the mountains.

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Celebrating Men’s Health with Natural Supplements (and Giveaway!)

Did you know June was National Men’s Health month? Since we are celebrating men’s health (and our father’s) this month I wanted to share with you about the concern for the health in men in 2017.
Men’s health and well being are deteriorating due to a number of different issues – from lack of manual labor (so many desk/computer jobs vs manual labor), poor health education, social behavior patterns, and overall unawareness of what is going on with their bodies.
Nearly 100 years ago life expectancy of men and women were nearly the same; but over the last decade the life expectancy for men have dropped significantly compared to their female counterparts – nearly an 8 year difference

Eight years!

To a wife, a child, a grandchild, a brother or a sister – 8 years can feel like a lifetime of difference.

A lot of times men don’t always listen to their bodies like we women do – when something is off, or if they are in pain – some tend to shrug it off, and move on
So for men’s health month we want to share some great products that the man in your life can use to be more pro-active about his health.

Here are just a few of my favorite supplements that I would recommend any adult take to improve their daily lives/health. (ashwagandha is my favorite!)


  • Also known as Indian Ginseng, Ashwagandha has been used for centuries.  Savesta Ashwagandha helps to manage normal daily stress, promotes relaxation and a more restful sleep and helps boost the immune system

Boswellia Plus

  • Boswellia Plus’s proprietary blend is a high potency supplement that supports the body’s natural ability to recover.  Our product is products from sustainable sources and is laboratory tested for potency and purity

Organic Garcinia

  • Garcinia Cambogia has been used for centuries to support a balanced appetite. Made from USDA organic Garcinia Cambogia extract powder, Savesta Organic Garcinia helps maintain healthy weight management

Organic Moringa

  • A superior antioxidant, Savesta Organic Moringa contains significant amounts of vitamins A, C and E and helps boost energy and stamina.


  • Savesta’s premier formula with Astaxanthin and Lutein provides clinically proven levels of key nutrients for visual health and performance.


  • Tribulus (Tribulus terrestris) is used in the Indian Ayurvedic tradition as a Rasayana, a dietary supplement or practice promoting rejuvenation, mental and physical health, as well as providing a defense against aging and challenging environmental factors. Tribulus is traditionally regarded as a sexual rejuvenator, an alleviator of general fatigue, and promotes healthy urinary tract function.

Savesta is soo excited about this month, they are giving away a FREE bottle of select supplements – just pay shipping & handling!
Chose from one of the following and use the corresponding code to get your FREE bottle!

Boswellia Plus:       BPFree

Ashwagandha:       FREEAsh

Organic Garcinia:  ORGFree

They are also offering one lucky All in a Days Work reader  a 6-pack of all the above supplements, as well as one box of magnolia seeds for one lucky winner!

Just enter in the rafflecopter below for your chance to win –
contest ends June 30th. U.S. residents only

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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