6 Things To Do If You Are Living With An Alcoholic

Living with an alcoholic can be a tough thing to do. The fact that the person you love is slowly destroying their life is something hard to deal with. This can also push you into severe depression and destroy the happiness in your life. So, if you have a family member who is addicted to alcohol, then the following tips will help you deal with the condition more effectively.

  1. Check Into A Rehab Program

The first thing to do is to enroll the alcoholic in a recovery program. They will likely be against this at first, but you have to find a way to coerce them into joining a treatment. Such programs are designed to help an alcoholic understand their basic motivations that drive them to become a heavy drinker. And this understanding can eventually make them see the mistake they are committing by being addicted to alcohol. If they display any signs of drug abuse, then you should definitely sign them up at a good drug and alcohol addiction recovery facility for more intense treatments.

  1. Don’t Try To Control It

It might be tempting to try to control your family member’s alcoholic behavior by yourself. But remember that it is an absolutely bad idea. When you set your mind at controlling their alcoholism, you will eventually have to set up some strict rules that may bring you into direct conflict with the person. And if it ends up in a serious fight, then the person is likely to shut themselves away from you. It is to prevent such interpersonal conflicts that it is advised that you avoid trying to control their alcoholic behavior. Instead, trust the professional therapists to do their job. Plus, if you oppose their drinking too much, then they will start drinking in secret. And this is much worse than drinking openly since you won’t know how much alcohol they are consuming.

  1. Don’t Expect Too Much

Avoid expecting too much from the alcoholic person since this can put unnecessary pressure on them which can drive them to become more addicted to alcohol. For example, if you sign them up for an alcohol recovery program, then be realistic as to how effective the program will be. If the therapist says that it would take about eight months for the alcoholic to show some improvement, then give your loved one eight months to start showing change. Don’t put pressure on them daily, expecting the person to cut back on alcohol after just two weeks into the program. When they are unable to do so, your disappointment will be a thorn that will cut through their heart. They will start seeing themselves as losers for never living up to your expectations. And eventually, they will start drinking more alcohol out of their self-destructive habit.

  1. Never Accept Immoral Behavior

Alcoholics have a higher tendency of engaging in immoral behavior. And if the alcoholic is a teenager, then you should be wary of such tendencies. According to reports, an alcoholic teenager is four times likelier than a non-drinker to steal an object outside their house. Their chances of breaking the law and being arrested is seven times more than teenagers who don’t drink.  As such, you should be very careful of never indulging in any immoral behavior from their part. Because if you do, then you might push them towards more criminal activities. So, if you catch them stealing money from your purse, reprimand them. Never turn a blind eye towards such actions.

  1. Don’t Take Their Actions Too Personally

Sometimes, the alcoholic person might say or do something that can hurt your feelings deeply. Be careful of not taking it too personally. Under the influence of alcohol, people tend to lose all sense of control. And they might hurt even the people that are very close to their heart. So, just brush away any such occurrences. If you start taking such negative actions seriously, then it will affect your state of mind. And in turn, the alcoholic may feel depressed at having emotionally hurt you, which can again increase their dependence on alcohol. So, have a strong enough mind to smile away their random insolent behavior.

  1. Never Enable Them

Finally, never enable the alcoholic. Enabling simply means that you prevent an alcoholic from fully experiencing consequences of their actions. This is bad since you avoid the alcoholic from ever knowing that their alcoholism is creating serious problems. In contrast, when an alcoholic experiences the negative consequences of their actions, then there is a better chance that they will seek to better themselves by getting rid of their alcoholism.


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Getting the Most Bang for Your Buck at the Gas Pump

Rumor has it that gas prices are going to skyrocket – just in time for summer. The news doesn’t have to put a damper on your summer plans though, there are plenty of ways you can get the most bang for your buck at the gas pump this summer.

This post is sponsored by Dulles Motorcars.

Use an App or Website to Check Prices. There are some amazing resources out there that will help you save money when it comes to gas prices. Apps like GasBuddy, or websites like AAA, Fuel Finder or Gas Guru will show you the prices at gas stations in your area so you know where to go – don’t you hate it when you fill up to go down a few block and find it cheaper? These sites/apps will help prevent those types of mistakes.

Pay Cash. Some gas stations (Depending on where you are) offer a discount if you pay cash versus a card. On average you can save  up to 10-15 cents a gallon when paying cash versus a card – and sometimes even more. Check with your gas station attendant before deciding how to pay. 

Check Out Gas Station Credit Cards. Some bigger gas companies do offer reward credit cards where you can get 3-5% back on gas (and other) purchases, up to $2,500 or sometimes they will offer 5 cents off per gallon with no limit. 

Check Your Local Grocery Store. Some grocery stores partner with gas stations (or have their own) where you can earn discounts on your gasoline purchases based on your grocery purchase. I have a friend who fills up for free quite often! Some stores may also offer double or triple gas points if you buy gift cards (our Kroger does) and if you are going to be purchasing at those stores or restaurants anyway, you might as well save a few more bucks.

Don’t Go Premium. Some people feel they are taking care of their car better if they use premium gas – but most vehicles are engineered to use regular gasoline. Check your owners manual for manufacturers suggestions, but you could save a pretty penny by cutting back on the premium while prices are high.

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Fuel Economy Tips Debunked

We’ve talked about fuel economy before, but I have had a lot of people ask some questions about what they’ve always been told about saving gas – is it true? So I did some digging and here’s what I came up with…

                   This post is sponsored by Pearson Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram

Should You Warm Up Your Car Before Driving??

The newest most common consensus is a big fat no. Though back in the day some of the older cars may have ran better with a bit of a warm- up, but modern fuel-injected electronically controlled drive trains. Engines run most sufficient at regular operating temps, and the easiest and fastest way to get there is just to drive.

Can Running on Empty (or near empty) Hurt Your Engine?

So we’ve been told that running on empty can bring the debris from your gas tank into the engine and that it can cause big issues – however, the fuel pump always pulls gas from the bottom of the tank first , even when it’s completely full. If there is debris is your tank, it’s going to happen no matter if you keep your tank full or not. Though most vehicles nowadays have a fuel filter in the gas tank as well as one near the engine so most likey this isn’t a legit concern (which from a safety standpoint, not running on empty is a good idea, because you don’t want to run out of gas and get stuck in an unsavory situation).


Do Your Tires Really Play a Roll in Your Gas Mileage?

Believe it or not yet – but not a ton. A midsize sedan can lose 1.3 mpg if tires are under inflated by 10 psi. But more importantly, under inflated tires are more of a safety concern than anything. They also wear much faster and run hotter when under inflated, so be sure to check your tire pressure at least once a month (and more with major weather changes, or if you are driving more than normal).

Does Turning Off the AC Save Gas?

The harder the AC works, the more impact it has on your gas tank. So the hotter it is, the more gas it uses, which means more mileage that can be lost – on average 1-4 mpg. However, if it’s 90 degrees the gas mileage will probably be worth it since it’s so hot – unless maybe you are driving 80 down the interstate.

Is it True the More Stuff I Have in My Car, the More Gas I Use?

The more weight in a vehicle, the harder the engine works, which does effect the fuel economy. Especially if you are loaded down with anything on the roof (air dynamic). If you are just moving across town, or unloading stuff at Goodwill, you won’t notice a difference, but a road trip ? Plan to lose at least 4 mpg.

Should You Get Gas at Night vs During the Day?

Any extra gas that you might obtain by hitting up the gas station at night, wouldn’t make a practical difference. The theory of cooler gasoline being denser may be some what true, however most gas stations keep their gas lines underground so the temperature changes very little, if at all. So no, it doesn’t really make a difference.



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Hacks for the Ultimate Summer Road Trip

Summer road trips can be some of the best parts of summer – making memories that will last a lifetime. Now while I would recommend being spontaneous on your journey, there are some things you should prepare for to make the experience smoother.

Get Your Car a Check-Up – 

Take your car in for routine maintenance check up before you head out on the road – tune-up, oil change, repair/replace tires, replace windshield wipers, and top off all fluids. Make sure your spare is in good shape, the battery is strong and has clean terminals, and  have your routers and break pads checked. Make sure you have some jumper cables, and spare coolant and wiper fluid on hand.

Be Prepared –

Besides your suitcase be sure to pack things you will need during your time on the road; change and dollar bills for toll roads, a backup credit card for emergencies, battery back up (I have one for my car battery and my phone battery) bags to use for garbage, wet wipes, antibacterial soap, paper towels, a spare car key (you can even use those little magnetic key boxes and attach it under your hood or near your tire or truck to be able to access it in case you get locked out), a cooler to carry bottled water and other drinks and snacks (this will help you save, you can pick up snacks at Walmarts or other grocery stores along the way instead of spending double or more on snacks at the gas station) bring a real life map (for those areas your GPS doesn’t work) and speaking of GPS use a stand-alone GPS unit so you can use your phone for music and other good stuff during the trip. Don’t forget blankets, pillows, hoodies and socks in case you end up needing to catch some Z’s in the car in between hotel stops.


Let Family Know Your Location – 

Though spontaneity is good, being cautious is better. Check in with family and friends along the way and let them know what’s going on, where you are headed and what your plans are. Actually even better have your family download the Life360 app which allows you to track each other in real-time. We used this when my husband was an OTR truck driver, and when my oldest daughter went on a school trip to D.C. (This is actually a really great app to use with your kids) but even for adults who are traveling a lot. If you don’t want real-time tracking, at least give a family member your find your iPhone or Google login and have your GPS location on at all times so if there is an emergency they can at least have a better chance of finding where you are.

Join a Roadside Assistance Club –

No matter which one you join, just join! Most Roadside Programs offer trip interruption that will actually pay to put you up in hotels if your car breaks down during a road trip. Not to mention of course, if you actually need roadside help. You don’t necessarily want to just call a random company because you never know what might happen (or if they might price gouge you) so leaving that to the professionals is a good idea. (I’d even recommend upgrading to the best package they have for your trip – better safe than sorry!)

Take the Exit! 

Have you ever been driving and see signs for 5 or 6 exits announcing some cool local shop, or roadside stand, or famous landmark and because you are trying to get to Point A to Point B as soon as possible you never stop? My husband is the worst for this, we routinely travel from Ohio to Maine to visit his family and travel over 1,200 miles one way! He will NEVER EVER stop for any of the awesome things we see along the way because he wants to just get there (or just get home – it’s the truck driver in him) but trust me STOP! You could miss out on something awesome. I remember stopping at the silliest store off an exit in Florida and my sister and I found these visors that had battery operated fans in them. It was the coolest souvenir I ever had, and I kept it until it didn’t work anymore (and I very well might of bought a alligator claw back scratcher too!) Look for those signs for “worlds largest” too. ALWAYS some good entertainment and you never know what you might find!

Talk to Locals –

I wouldn’t recommend chatting it up at that little gas station in the tiny town that looks like something out of a creeper movie. But ask gas station attendants , or restaurant workers about cool local attractions and mom & pop restaurants that are popular in the area – you never know when you might find a great hidden gem!


This post is sponsored by Lonestar Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram.




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Do You Have What It Takes To Take On the Motor Industry?

It’s a horrible feeling when you reach the top of a career ladder and discover that the view from the top isn’t as rosy as you’d once hoped. Perhaps the pay still doesn’t meet your expectations or requirements. Perhaps there simply isn’t enough challenge to excite and stimulate you. Maybe the standards throughout your operation simply aren’t the standards to which you hold yourself. There are a great many reasons why we decide that not only must we change jobs, we feel it’s pertinent to change entire careers and move onto a new industry. But whatever your reasons may be you may find a challenging and rewarding new home in the motor industry. If you love cars, are passionate about customer service and are prepared to work hard you can make an excellent living in the motor industry…


Easy entry


Many assume that the technical nature of the job would preclude new or retraining candidates from entry but in recent years there has actually been a substantial push from larger manufacturers and dealers to recruit outside of the industry, bringing their skills to bear while giving them extensive training to ensure that they can speak confidently and professionally about the more technical elements of the job. Moreover, as the motor industry is in a constant state of expansion there are usually a plethora of job opportunities available and it’s not uncommon for those in the industry to change disciplines allowing for great variety.


In sales


All sales professionals are hard working and dedicated, but few put in the hours and go above and beyond for their customers like those in the auto industry. If you have a background in sales and can demonstrate that you’re able to sell technical products to a non-technical buyer (e.g. software / machinery) a lack of experience in the car industry needn’t be an impediment. Unlike a lot of other sales jobs, the auto industry tends to offer pretty good basic (especially prestige brands) as well as impressive commissions especially when sales professionals are able to hit their top band consistently.


In aftersales


If you have a passion for customer service and are technically minded, yet don’t much like the idea of working in sales, there is still a huge demand for after sales professionals. Service advisors work hard to deliver outstanding customer care to customers coming in for repairs, servicing or routine maintenance. The trouble with maintenance is that the customer rarely sees the benefit of the had work which has gone on under the hood. It’s part of a service advisor’s job to build value into the work while also advising the customer of important work that needs to be carried out in an easy to understand and accessible manner.


Or run your own business


The great thing about the automotive industry is its scope for entrepreneurship. When you have a few years under your belt it’s entirely possible to start up your own business. If you can secure startup capital to get a modest inventory of cars, cheap motor trade insurance and a well equipped garage, the sky’s the limit. With more and more cars on the road every passing year there’s a constant stream of demand for your skills and expertise.


If you can endure the long hours and occasionally stressful nature of the job, the auto industry can provide every opportunity to make your career grow.

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