Things to Know Before Contacting a Divorce Attorney

The divorce process is a stressful and can bring out the worst in people – some use it as a way to get revenge , or completely trying to ruin the other person’s life. Though divorce gets you out of an unhappy or unhealthy marriage, it can also wreak havoc if you don’t know what to ask – check out things to know before contacting a divorce attorney.

Make Sure it’s Over
No matter how many times you’ve threatened divorce, once you contact and meet an attorney, everything changes. It’s the toothpaste that can’t go back in the tube, a line that can’t be uncrossed – you get my drift. Don’t rush into contacting one until you know for sure there is no going back.
Surround Yourself with Family and Friends..and maybe a Therapist
Most people going through a divorce will be a train wreck. You have all sorts of emotions – and you are making some major life-changing decisions during the divorce process. Surround yourself with family and friends that you trust to rely on and help you make the right decisions. Talking to a therapist can also be a good choice to make while you are trying to figure out all of your emotions.
Put Your Kids First
So many people get too into their emotions and let their hurt and pain get in the way of doing what is best for their children. I promise – “this too shall pass” , however, it will stay with your children forever.
Educate Yourself
Realize what will – and what could – happen. Its great to have your friends and family, and therapist and lawyer, and financial advisor there – but you need to know that only YOU can decide ultimately what is best for you and your family.
Don’t Hide Your Assets: Make Purchases BEFORE the Divorce
You need to be completely transparent when going thru a divorce – if a Judge thinks you are hiding ANYTHING , things can go wrong for you really fast. Be open and honest; and if you plan to get a new car, a new boat, etc, do it BEFORE they start calculating who owes what at the divorce proceedings. That way they will take into account your new car payment, or maybe your kids private school tuition.
SafeGuard Irreplaceable Items
Inherit a broach from your Great-Grandma? A gun from your Grandpa? Family photos you don’t have copies of? Have family hold onto it. As I said, divorce can get icky, and though you would love to think your soon to be ex would NEVER damage or steal these things, you really never know how someone is going to react after being served divorce papers.
Get a P.O. Box
Again with the ‘what if’s” – sure you think they’d give you your paperwork and bills -but bitter people are known to do some crazy things. Change your mailing address and make sure all your important stuff goes to the P.O. Box, especially any paperwork from your lawyer.
Try to Settle Outside of Court
Hire a mediator, or have your lawyers meet together to discuss – but do your best to get things done outside of court. Divorces can cost upwards of $15,000 – if you can be civil enough, save you both some money and work it out outside the courtroom.
Don’t Allow Smack Talk – period.
Divorce can make the best parent talk smack to their children about the other parent; don’t allow it. Make a deal – for your children’s best interest – to keep the ill will to friends or therapist. Not to the kids or even each other (its hard enough as it is)
Hire a Good Attorney
If you for sure can’t make it work, make sure to at least hire a good divorce attorney like Quinn & Lynch P.A. You want an attorney who has been around the block a time or two, and can give you good advice and help you protect your assets.

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The Best Lead Management for Your Business

With the average career span of a customer service representative with the same company is less than a year, it’s no wonder some smaller companies miss out on hundreds, if not thousands of potential clients a year. No matter if you’re a startup or a business veteran. Sometimes a little help from a lead generation company may be exactly what your business needs to get the right traction.That’s why it’s a smart idea to hire a lead management company for your small business.

The biggest benefit of hiring a lead management company is that it functions 24/7/365 – even when your business is not.  It gives you a service of handling existing, and new clientele for after hours, weekends, and holidays. A lead management company also helps attract people to your business by making them naturally interested in your service or product. They tailor a marketing strategy to your potential customer that will help you find new potential clients, and keep the pipeline full of qualified leads.

Choosing a company like Pronexis each lead is assigned to a lead source which is included in any email notifications and scheduled appointments. If a lead comes from a web form or lead generating service, you forward the leads to them, and they’ll automatically add all the lead information and assign the appropriate lead source.

Pronexis makes sure that 100% of all our agents are trained in your franchise. So whenever you or a lead call in, our agents will be able to answer questions and not just “guess” the answer.

Pronexis also uses a Five Star Connect uses google calendars to schedule your appointments. We can use a google calendar you already use, or we will set one up for you. You add the times you are available for appointments and we add the appointments to those available spots. Using google calendars allows you to set up the calendar to see it on all your devices.

A few things that a good lead company will do:
Content Marketing – Provide your potential customers with the information they’re looking for.
Affiliate Marketing – Grow your network and let others promote your value to their customers.
SEO – Let the users find you easily in search engines by optimizing your website.
Online Presence – Make use of every customer touch point opportunity and promote your brand across the web.
Live Chat Support – Solve your customers’ issues in the real-time and get their contact details via pre-chat survey.
Email Marketing – Get personal with your prospects by messaging them directly into their mailbox.

Make sure, that each of your leads gets the best customer service possible. There’s nothing like mouth-to-mouth recommendations of your happy customers. It is a perfectly natural and effort-free way to gain new leads.

Want to make sure you’re making best out of your customer support? Consider training your team, so that they could create the best experience for your customers.

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Keeping the Kids Busy on a Road Trip

Do you dread having your kids in the car for a long drive? You don’t have to wait for them to start having fun until you get to where you are going – the trip there can be fun too! There are many ways to keeping the kids busy on a road trip!

                            This post is sponsored by Humes Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram.

Remember when we were kids? If you were lucky, you had a Gameboy, which at best kept you busy during the day. What did you do on your trips when you were a kid? Play fun games like “I Spy”, “20 Questions”, the “License Plate Game” , “Name that Tune” or just talk , period. Turn off the tech for awhile and enjoy time with your kids!

Fiction or real, telling your kids stories helps the time go by. My kids are a little bit older now, but they love to hear about when they were little, or even when I was a kid. “What Mom, you didn’t have on demand? How did you watch a show you missed?” , and “Whats a VCR?” It’s a lot of laughs, trust me!


So sometimes they just don’t want to talk (or you just want them to be quiet) you can try some awesome road trip apps like:

  • Road Trip Scavenger Hunt: With components of “I Spy” and “The License Plate Game,” this app gives your kids items to try to spot as they look out the windows — like a car pulling a trailer — and keeps track of the points earned by each player. 99 cents for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad versions, and free for Android-powered devices
  • Bingo Apps: There are several versions of this “I Spy”-like app out there, but most of them work the same way: The app features a bingo game board, but instead of letters and numbers, it features icons of items you might see near the road, such as cows, light poles and gas pumps. As in “Bingo,” the first one to fill a row or column wins. Prices for apps vary; available for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Android-powered devices
  • Family Car Games: This app instructs you in 100 no-equipment-required family activities for some unplugged quality time. $1.99; available for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad
  • Mad Libs: Much like the paper original, this app lets you select from a variety of categories and insert words into stories when prompted. Free for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Android-powered devices

This is probably one of my most favorite parts about road-tripping. I drive my husband crazy (he is get there as fast as we can mentality) there are a TON of interesting and fun attractions on the road that is totally worth a little extra driving and a stop to see stuff like you have never seen before! If you want unusual, try – which will help you find places like the World’s Largest Frying Pan which is in NC , the Retired Sad Monkey Railroad in Texas, or the Giant Beethoven Head in Florida!

Let everyone write down funny and cool stuff that happens – draw pictures, (take pictures) put together an awesome memory book that you can keep forever! The memories I have from road trips , camping trips, and vacations are the BEST memories I have as a kid – especially all the funny stuff that happens!


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Getting Rid of those Flu Bug Germs in Your Vehicle

We Lysol our bathroom, our doorknobs, every surface our kids touch when they have had the flu. But how often do we think about our vehicle? Getting rid of those flu bug germs in your vehicle is just as important, and can be a pretty simple task.

                          This post is sponsored by Legacy Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram.

The steering wheel, gear shift, space near the cup holder, window switches and door handles are areas where bacteria and other germs are commonly found in cars, which is definitely no bueno for stopping the spreading of any virus. So we have some practical tips that can help you get rid of the germs in your car!

The most common place that is touched, yet neglected when it comes to cleaning. I would highly recommend using disinfectant wipes, then wiping it down with a wet rag to make sure its germ free.

Most cup holders have hard to reach crevices that need cleaned – you can use dip a cotton swab into cleaning solution and clean up the hard to reach areas. If the cup holder is removable, take it in and put it in the dish washer or wash by hand.

Anywhere a hand may touch – needs to be wiped down. When I am doing a deep clean on my car, I wipe down the entire door with a disinfect wipe, then follow-up with a wet cloth to wash away the cleaner and any left behind germs. Also make sure to get the dashboard, glove box, and any other area little sick hands may have touched.


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Tips for Driving at Night

Night driving can be a bit of a challenge – your pupils dilate to the glare of nearby lights, things just look different in the dark — and that may affect your reactions and perceptions on the road. To help make sure you are driving safely, follow these tips for driving at night.

                                This post is sponsored by Charlie’s Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram.

Making sure that your headlights are clean, and of course your mirrors as well. (and make sure they are properly adjusted as well) This can help maximize your ability to see what is going on around you. Also make sure if you have plastic lens covering your lights that fade or become foggy, you can use a headlight polishing kit to make them clean and clear. Also make sure that your windshield and windows are nice and clean and streak free as well. A good tip is cleaning your windows with newspaper to remove streaks!

When it comes to lights at night, they can work against you just as much as they work in your favor. Make sure your headlights are aimed properly – because misaligned headlights can negatively impact your viability and distract other motorist as well.

Our pupils dilate in the dark to let more light in – a lot of people are nearsighted at night, and objects don’t appear as clearly or sharply as they would during daylight. Darkness can also diminish your depth perception and peripheral vision, which means you may have trouble seeing objects and lights at night.

You can dim the lights on your dashboard and interior lights so they are visible, but not distracting or messing with your eyes. If someone behind you has their high beams on adjust your rearview mirrors so the lights aren’t going into your eyes directly.

Also be aware of how things will look different at night – like if you are traveling where there is wildlife, two small bright dots actually could be animal eyes in the distance. So be sure to look for reflections , since its more visible before you get right on top of the animal.

And lastly, of course, make sure you are getting your eyes checked regularly – at least every 2 years. If you do already wear glasses, make sure they are anti-reflective or they can be a real bear to drive in.

One of the hardest things about driving at night -especially if you are driving long ways, is staying awake. Be sure to take breaks to get out and stretch when driving long distances, and if you feel yourself starting to nod of, don’t just turn up the radio – pull over and get some rest.


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