The Top Benefits Of Using A Hair Mask

Keeping your hair healthy is crucial. Not only do you want to keep your hair healthy in order to make it look great, but also to improve your ability to style it the way you want it and to keep your hair from thinning. Below, we will be going over some of the reasons why you would want to utilize a hair mask in your hair care routine.

  1. Moisturize Your Hair

Unfortunately, due to diet and environmental reasons, a lot of people deal with extremely dry hair. Hair can get dry and brittle for a variety of reasons. Whether its chemicals like chlorine in your water or the shampoo that you might be using, you will want to provide it with extra moisturization to really get the most out of your hair. One of the best ways to give your hair extra moisturization that it might need is by giving yourself a hair mask. By giving yourself a hair mask, you should be able to improve the level of moisturization in each hair follicle which can help to repair dry and damaged hair. Along with this, it can even help to repair split-ends.

  1. Better Hair Growth

Another benefit that you should be able to get from giving yourself a hair mask every now and then would be the ability to achieve much better hair growth potential. Hair growth is a concern for a lot of people. Whether you find yourself losing hair, suffering from hair thinning, or something else, you are likely going to be looking to optimize your hair growth potential. One of the best ways to do this would be through the use of a hair mask. By using a hair mask, you are going to be much better positioned to get your hair to grow faster and thicker than ever before. Through a hair mask, you will be able to supply both your hair and scalp with a lot more nutrients that you need in order to get the best possible hair growth.

  1. Prevent Dandruff

If you are someone that is currently dealing with dandruff, you are likely going to be interested in investing in this type of hair care treatment because it can make it much easier to experience less of it. Dandruff is primarily caused by the drying of the scalp. By moisturizing your scalp through hair masks, you should be able to minimize the symptoms and signs of a dry scalp which results in dandruff. There are a lot of different hair masks that can provide adequate moisturization which can reduce the occurrence of dandruff.

  1. Revitalize Hair

Another benefit  of Three Squares Soil hair mask is that you should be able to get through a hair mask would be the ability to revitalize hair. You will be able to restore its natural shine and bounce in a way that no other kind of treatment can provide. Given you are going to be using natural ingredients within the mask, it is going to help supply the nutrients that your hair needs to restore its natural health.

  1. Natural Shampoo

Believe it or not, but these natural hair masks can be a good way to reduce the need for washing your hair on a daily basis. A lot of people suffer from poor hair health because they over wash their hair with potentially damaging shampoos. A lot of commercial shampoos have damaging ingredients in it which can cause serious over drying effects. By switching to a much gentler shampoo and incorporating hair masks in your routine, it should eliminate the need for washing your hair so much which can have a tremendously positive impact on your entire hair health. It can make for much healthier hair because it will not consistently be exposed to drying agents and you will be consistently replenishing it with proper moisturization while also exposing it to antibacterial properties by using ingredients that do both such as coconut oil and raw honey.

Now that we have gone over some of the different benefits that hair masks can provide, we will be going over some of the different ingredients that might be most effective in them.

Best Hair Mask Ingredients:

  1. Avocado Oil

Avocado oil is one of the best ingredients that you are going to be able to use in a natural hair mask. The reason why it is such an effective ingredient is that it happens to contain a lot of healthy fat properties that can help to restore a lot of the moisture that your hair and scalp are likely to lose either due to chemicals in your bath/shower water or environmental exposure such as harmful UV rays.

  1. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is another very good ingredient to consider getting into a hair mask in order to restore natural beauty and health. It also happens to contain a lot of essential fatty acids that your hair and scalp need to properly moisturize itself and retain moisture.

  1. Honey

Honey is another good option because it can help with moisturization and it can even provide antibacterial properties making it a much more effective way to get rid of bacterial infections or issues that might be causing scalp drying or poor hair health, to begin with. Also, it can make it a good option to consider for those that are looking for natural shampoo alternatives since it can effectively kill off bacteria on its own.

Overall, there are plenty of different benefits that you are going to be able to enjoy when you give yourself regular hair mask treatments. Not only is it going to help restore the natural beauty of your hair, but it can really help to keep your hair looking and feeling better than ever before. Natural hair masks can be a great addition to your hair care routine and they can help to recover from deficiencies that might be causing your hair to dry out or thin out. If you are dealing with specific symptoms or problems associated with drying or a lack of moisturization, hair masks can be particularly beneficial.

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Keeping Your Lawn in Great Shape When You Have Kids and a Dog

It’s not an uncommon fact that children and pets can completely destroy your lawn. But you don’t have to accept a lawn that looks as if it was hit by a small and furry tornado. In this article, we will share some tips and tricks to keep your lawn in great shape when you have kids and a dog.

  1. Set Boundaries, and Communicate Them

You can’t talk to your dog about lawn care and how you would enjoy it if they would contribute to the lawn staying nice. But you certainly can do this with your children! Sit your kids down and let them know where they can go play in the yard and where they cannot. Another thing you will want to express to your children is where it is okay to dig. Kids enjoy digging and kicking up the ground, as well as dragging sticks along the dirt, so let them know where it is okay and which areas they need to avoid.

  1. Let Little Ones Have a Place to Play

Your kids are going to want to play outdoors, and it’s good for them to get out and enjoy some sunshine. You, on the other hand, want your lawn to stay as nice as it possibly can. So what can you do? Why, designate a specific place for them to play, of course!

If you want your lush grass and gorgeous flowers to remain undisturbed, let your little ones play in places where there is gravel already established. It’s also a great idea to provide your kids with a sandbox. Doing this will let your kids have a place where they can dig and play and build little sand sculptures, and at the same time, stay away from your plant life. Just be sure to let them know that sand should stay inside the box, and not out peppering the lawn.

If you want to set up a swing set or jungle gym for your kids, you will most likely want to lay down some gravel or wood chips so that you don’t have to see unsightly bare spots in your yard. A set up like this will provide your little ones with lots of fun, and keep them far from any other section of the yard that you do not want them to go play in.

  1. Move Things Around Every Other Day

It’s not hard for items to accumulate on the lawn, and when heavy items are left for some time, they can begin to wear away at the beautiful grass underneath them. So every other day, get outside and move these items around slightly. Great candidates for this include Slip-n-slides, kiddie pools, and anything else that is large and for use outside.

If you have a pool or a collection of items that are meant to take care of the yard, such as a lawnmower or pool net, it’s best to keep these items stored in a place where they can be kept safe and away from the grass. Leaving these items on the lawn can cause small spots where grass will no longer grow. A great storage place can be a garage or shed where these items wait to be used at the right moments.

  1. Establish a Place For Dogs on Your Lawn

Dogs are a little bit harder to train when it comes to keeping your lawn nice, but you can still enjoy a beautiful yard while letting your pet stretch their legs and enjoy the fresh air. One idea is to fence off an area that they are allowed to run wild in. Now, this fenced-off section of your yard is going to get bare over time from your dog’s paws and their habit of digging around. So add mulch to this section to cover up these bare spots and add visual appeal. You may also want to add bushes and flowers around the fence in order to make the area still look beautifully landscaped.

If you don’t like the idea of fencing off an area on your lawn, the best thing to do would be to walk your dog on a leash and let him or her do business under your supervision. Watch where they pee, and immediately splash the area with water to even out the area and prevent the grass from dying. Female dogs tend to urinate in one area, where male dogs enjoy marking their territory in several different places. Keep an eye on your pet and be prepared to wash away their pee. When it comes to droppings, immediately grab them while wearing a glove and bag them up. Leaving dog droppings on your lawn is not good for it nor for your children.

  1. Carefully Plan Your Backyard for Barbecues and Parties

When you have a family, no doubt you will host the occasional outdoor barbecue or party. And foot traffic is not the best for your luscious grass. So carefully plan where you would like your guests to go and create a path. You can do this using stone, mulch, or even gravel. Place seating where grass will not be disturbed, and then decorate your lawn with rocks and flowers to really give your get-together area some pop. Make sure that seating, your grill, etc. is not too close to the flowers or garden areas that you want to be protected. Also, keep in mind that people naturally take the path that provides the least amount of resistance, so plan in such a way that lets people enjoy your setting without messing up any part of your lawn that you do not want to be disturbed.

As mentioned previously, it’s a fabulous idea to get out and move things around so that grass does not die due to your furniture.

So you have kids, you have a dog, and you have a life. But don’t let that fool you into thinking you cannot have a beautiful lawn! Use these tips from Discover Ziehler in order to have the most gorgeous lawn on the block, despite having a dog and children.

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Kids Eat Free at Steak ‘n Shake: Any Day, Any Time!

This is a sponsored post; though I’ve been compensated with a gift card for my time all opinions are my own.

Though I love taking my kids out to eat and enjoying time to talk about our day, (and not to mention, it gives me a break in the kitchen!) – it can get a bit expensive. I’m always on the look out for coupons or good deals, and even kids eat free nights  – anything that can help save a little bit of money for when we go out.

Unfortunately not all “Kids Eat Free” nights are convenient. With sports, church events, and our busy schedule, we aren’t always able to make it on specific days, or specific times. It makes it hard to get to to a restaurant before 8 when baseball isn’t down until 9 – and of course the list goes on.

That’s why I Love Steak n Shakes KIDS EAT FREE ANYTIME (with qualifying purchase).
And yes I said it – KIDS EAT FREE 7 DAYS A WEEK, 24 HOURS A DAY!

Kids can chose from any of following kids meals:

  • Steakburger™
  • Mini Corn Dogs
  • KRAFT® Macaroni & Cheese
  • Steakburger™ Minis
  • Hot Dog
  • Grilled Cheese
  • Chicken Fingers

The Kids Eat Free All Day Every Day promotion at Steak ‘n Shake is available at more than 400 participating restaurants across the country


Here are all the money-saving offers available at Steak ‘n Shake:

    • Kids Eat FREE – one free Kids Plate to children 12 and under for every $9 spent.
    • Half Price Happy Hour — Weekdays from 2-5 pm and am all drinks and shakes are HALF price!
    • 2 for $3 Mix ‘n Match
    • Many meals on the $4 menu is offered all day and every day.

Want to enjoy a dinner (or 2) on us? Enter in the giveaway tool below for your chance to win a $50 gift card to our favorite shake place! (giveaway ends 7/27!)

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4 Healthy Habits for Stay at Home Moms

When you have children, you may often feel like the world is not your “oyster” anymore. Now, you have a different purpose – you have to do your best to take care of those who depend on you.

This statement is especially true for mothers who have decided to devote their lives to taking care of their children. They are the modern heroes and the women who are often disregarded when talking about career choices.

Nevertheless, if you or your partner is a stay at home mom, there are ways you can preserve your health and happiness. Here are four habits you can adopt to live a fulfilled, stress-free, healthy life.

1. Get an early start

You might feel like you need those five extra minutes in bed. However, most of the time, hitting the snooze button is actually making you more tired than you were.

Therefore, to make your life a bit easier, try to train yourself to wake up early in the morning before your children. Not only will you be able to finish your errands in peace, but you will also feel better in the long run.

Rising early in the morning is good for the whole body, but it’s especially beneficial to the brain. People tend to think more clearly in the morning, and that sort of clear thinking is valuable once you decide to have children.

2. Exercise

Even stay at home moms need to exercise now and then, and it doesn’t always have to be about their appearance. Exercise is extremely healthy and beneficial by itself – and there’s no reason to avoid it.

Even if you have five minutes, it’s best to use those minutes to your advantage. You can do some squats and tighten up your legs. Or, you can even take a brisk walk around your garden. Whatever you prefer, it’s vital not to underestimate exercise and do it only when you’re trying to lose weight.

Furthermore, regular exercise will allow you to take better care of your children. And, who knows? There is a high chance that they will notice you while exercising and decide to join in. That will help you in the future, as your children might be more inclined to do sports and eat healthy food.

3. Have fun

Now, having fun doesn’t have to be limited to only playing with your children. Once they are in bed, you can have some time for yourself and indulge in games and movies you’ve wanted to check out.

Netflix is always a good idea, and there’s bound to be a TV show or a movie you can binge-watch between driving kids to school and feeding them.

However, if you’re not interested in new movies or TV shows, then you can always opt for games. Specifically, online games have proven to be a great way to kill time and satisfy your need for fun.

So, if you’re looking for some healthy and safe fun, then you should visit Nettcasino. There, you can check out lists of online casino games that will be not only enjoyable but also lucrative. And, don’t forget to search for the best UK slots bonus – it will come in handy during dull afternoons!

4. Stick to a routine

When it comes to children, it’s vital to nurture a specific routine. Having a routine might sound dull to you, but it has many benefits.

A routine will give you enough time during the day to complete all your errands and care for your children. However, it will also give you enough time to catch your breath and devote a few minutes to yourself.

Unfortunately, without a routine, it’s often difficult to find the time to put on makeup or read that book you’ve been saving for a while.

Also, maybe you have a hobby that you would love to explore a bit more. Well, a routine will give you just that. You can always create a schedule that will work for both you and your children – and you can intentionally leave an hour or two for hobbies. That way, when the children are sleeping, you can paint, draw, learn graphic design, even create funny videos – practically anything.

In conclusion

A stay at home mom’s job is never over, and her work hours are not that flexible. Still, by implementing a few healthy habits, you or your partner can become the stay at home mom who will have enough time for everything, without feeling that you are robbing your children of your presence.




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7 Tips For Staying Safe On Vacation

Going on vacation is an exciting prospect and something that everyone looks forward to, whether it has been planned for months or it’s a last-minute booking. It’s important, however, to remember that you need to keep yourself and your belongings safe when you’re away just the same as you would if you were at home. In fact, because you’re away from home and in unfamiliar surroundings, there are even more things to take into consideration. Here are some great tips for staying safe when on vacation.

Get Vaccines

Regarding your health, there are some places you can travel to that require you to have vaccines before you go. Make sure that you book these in advance so that they are given at the right time, and remember to have your paperwork with you to show if you need to. Without being vaccinated against diseases such as malaria, you could become extremely sick when you’re on vacation, and you may even have to come home early.

When you’re at your doctors, you can also book in for a medical while you’re there. This will confirm that you are safe and well to travel. Although this is not compulsory, it will put your mind at ease, as you’ll know that you’re fit and healthy.

Make Backups
Your passport and other important documents need to be kept safe when you’re traveling. If you make a digital backup of everything before you leave, then if the worst should happen and you lose them or they are stolen, you will still have all the information you need in order to quickly obtain new versions. Things to consider backing up include your passport, immunization records, medical insurance details, tickets, travel insurance, your visas (if you need them), and even your itinerary just in case.

These files are good to have, but they won’t be helpful if they are stored on a laptop or device that you don’t have with you. Save all the digital backups on a USB drive and bring it with you, or email them to yourself so you have them to hand if you do need to access them.

Use A Credit Card
Even if you don’t normally like using a credit card, having one for your vacation spending is a good idea, and you can pay it all off once you get home so you won’t incur any long-term debt with it. The reason that using a credit card is such a good idea in terms of safety is that most purchases made will be covered automatically by insurance. Not only that, but if your card is stolen it is easier to cancel it and obtain a new one than it is to claim for stolen cash or a debit card on your travel insurance. It just makes purchasing items much safer and you can go ahead and enjoy your vacation without worrying. If you are looking for a good deal on credit cards, check out Bonsai Finance for details.

Keep Things Separate
Although for convenience sake it is clearly easier to keep your money, cards, ID, and maybe your passport in one purse or bag, it’s not a good idea in terms of security. Keep anything you don’t require for the day in your hotel room, ideally in a safe. With the rest of it, keep your money in a separate wallet to everything else, and in a separate place too – you could wear a fanny pack or backpack and keep your ID in there and your cash and cards in your pocket, or vice versa. That way, even if a theft does occur, it’s unlikely that the thief will take all of your important belongings at once.

Another important tip to remember is that you should never keep anything in your back pocket – that makes it far too easy for pickpockets to strike, or for things to fall out without you noticing. Make sure everything stays at the front where you can see and feel it, and you can ensure it is all kept safe.

When you are sitting in a restaurant or café, don’t hang your bag on the back of your chair, or leave it on the floor by your side. You’re going to be distracted talking about your vacation and what you’re going to do next, or watching the crowds go by and the interesting sights around you – your bag could be grabbed without you seeing it happen. Keep your bag on your lap or on the floor between your legs, and it will be less of a target.

Check Around You
When you are leaving a place, check all around you and look back as you go to make sure you haven’t left anything behind. You will most likely be visiting a lot of different places during the day, and if you only realize something is missing when you reach your hotel room, it will be all but impossible to remember where you might have lost it. Even if you can remember, the amount of people who will have been to the same place you were when you lost your purse or wallet or bag of souvenirs means that you will probably never see it again.

Don’t Bring Your Jewelry
There is no reason that you would need to take expensive jewelry on vacation with you, and it just makes you and it a target for thieves. It’s far better to leave it at home and enjoy your time away without it. The same goes for anything expensive and tempting to thieves such as designer bags or costly cameras. Carrying these things around with you just tells those people with less than savory intentions that you are a good target, so it’s not worth it in the long run.

Be Careful Who You Talk To
Meeting new people when you are on vacation is one of the most interesting and enjoyable parts of being away, but be careful – don’t give away too much information about yourself, and certainly don’t give away any personal information. Unless they are a licensed guide and you have booked onto a tour, you shouldn’t go anywhere with a stranger either, and be aware of what’s happening around you at all times.

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