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5 Clever Renovating Ideas for a Small Bathroom

Having a small bathroom can be a real pain in the neck. In fact, most people would simply like to tear everything down and recreate this room from scratch. If you are thinking about renovating your small bathroom, we got … Continue reading

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This Dummies Guide to Doing Your Own Oil Change

If you are like me, you consider yourself a pretty smart person. You can balance a checkbook, figure out the tip on your bill at the restaurant, even figure out some of those really confusing insurance documents that come in … Continue reading

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Getting That Mid-Century Modern Style on a Tight Budget

Probably the most exciting part of moving into a new home is getting to decorate its interiors as we please. We can house our record collection in the living room instead of piling them up in crates on the bedroom … Continue reading

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DIY Moisturizing Foot Cream with Essential Oils

All Natural Cracked Heel Balm   This all-natural heel balm works great to ease the dry cracked heels from winter. ¬†Smooth this on your feet before bed and enjoy a deep restful sleep. ¬†It does take a while to soak … Continue reading

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DIY Wire Christmas Trees

Supplies: –Colored Wires -Scissors Directions: -We are going to start by forming our star -Cut your gold wire into a piece that is about 3 inches long -Form your wire into 5 points to form a star, this may be … Continue reading

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