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Do I Need Special Permission Before I Start Building in my Backyard?

Do I need to ask permission to build? If you are running out of space inside your property, you may be tempted to build on your outside space. It’s certainly a way of extending your floor space, and it can … Continue reading

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Decorating Your Child’s Bedroom

When a child comes home after school, one of the first places in the house they go to is their bedroom. Now that you have a family of your own, the next step is to create a happy home in … Continue reading

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Ice Cream Playdough

This SUPER simple recipe for Ice Cream Play dough will have the kids busy for hours and having tons of fun, it’s safe, it’s edible and best of all it won’t melt.  ☺ Ingredients Frosting (any color or flavor you … Continue reading

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DIY Paper Cupcake Flowers

These DIY cupcake flowers can be used for cute decorations, or even as some adorable Valentines Day cards. SO many uses, and super cute! What you’ll need: Diecut flowers from cupcake paper cups Diecut paper pieces Diecut Cardstock leaves green … Continue reading

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DIY Heart Shaped Massage Bars Lavender Essential Oil

I absolutely am in love with these DIY heart shaped massage bars with lavender essential oils. They are so soothing and relaxing, you will be amazed at how good you feel (and smell) after using one. These also make great gifts for … Continue reading

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