Outdoor Home Improvements – You’re Gonna’ Love These Ideas!

It’s that time of year (and I am so grateful, summer is my favorite and I was getting really tired of the dreary winter weather). I have been itching to get outside and start working on my yard, my flowers, my porch and deck, and I have so many awesome ideas that I’ve found that I had to share them! You can make same great outdoor home improvements without spending an arm and a leg!

Put Up a Pergola
If you have an outdoor dining area you can put up a pergola that will not only make it gorgeous, but also give you some needed shade on those hot summer days. You can also hand a few lights with it to finish your look and it will be a gorgeous addition to your outdoor cookouts and dinners.

Multi-Use Furniture
Get a piece of furniture that can be multi-use. Furniture with built-in storage (it gives you seating and hides away your accessories for the yard or pool without looking messy) or a lounger that can be used for a bench as well.

DIY Seating
If you don’t have the budget for furniture – don’t worry! You can use low cost concrete blocks and cover them with a foam pad and pillows. I have seen people use this for seating around a firepit (just take the cushions and pillows in when it rains, or in the winter)

Outdoor lighting is my favorite part of summer decorating. They are fun and pretty, and it gives you just enough light – its like stars in your yard! You can get outdoor lighting pretty cheap and they come in lots of different colors and shapes and designs. You can put them on your porch, wrap them around a tree, or even make an outdoor oasis and have them circle around your entire yard/porch. Don’t forget to add some to any outdoor dining areas. I love the lights we have on our outdoor table!


Though it can be a bit more expensive than my other ideas, a deck can be a long lasting investment not only into having a wonderful summer, but value to your home as well. Places like Decks & Docks Lumber Company offer some great deals on railings, hardwood and accessories

I love walkways and edging made with stones and  rocks. Because it is a bit more expensive, you can just select a smaller area to make gorgeous. I have an idea to include some stone around my flowers – it really just makes the flowers pop!  

Depending on the layout of your yard/porch and driveway or street you may want to consider a trellis. They can be a gorgeous addition that separates your oasis from your driveway or street without blocking the gorgeous view of your yard.

Outdoor Rug
I never thought I was one that wanted to deal with an outdoor rug, but it can really pull your look together (plus it makes it a lot easier to go barefoot).

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