Worried About Getting Osteoarthritis? Check Out These Practical Prevention Tips

Osteoarthritis is one of those medical conditions that a broad section of people suffers from around the world. It is a disability that can have a negative impact on your life. It can force you to transform what you do in your everyday life, much to your protest.

It is estimated that more than 27 million people in the United States suffer from osteoarthritis. And as the population of the US rises, that figure is also sure to rise too. If you want to be one of the lucky few that don’t suffer from osteoarthritis, here are some practical prevention tips.


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Lose weight

One thing that can add excess stress to the joints in your body is being overweight. To prevent osteoarthritis, it is important that you maintain a healthy body weight. There are plenty of websites that can tell you what your ideal weight should be.
Your knees are the weakest points in your body, and they often have to handle a force of up to six times your body weight.
A healthy eating regime involving a calorie-controlled diet is one way to lower the risk of osteoarthritis.


Get plenty of regular exercise

As part of your calorie-controlled diet, you should get plenty of exercise on a regular basis. The thing about exercise is that it can help you to build up your muscles and burn off fat. The result is that you end up with a fit and healthy body!
If you are unsure how to exercise, I recommend signing up to your local gym. They have fitness instructors that can work with you to create an exercise plan. That way, you can build up the amount of exercise you do over a period.
The last thing you want to do is do too much in a short space of time! That’s why you need expert guidance. Other ways that you can introduce gentle exercise to your life include going for walks, or even cycling in your local area.


Maintain good posture

One thing you should always do is maintain a good posture regardless of whether you are sitting or standing.
By aligning your joints in the correct manner, you are promoting good posture. For instance, do you spend most of your day sitting down at a desk? If so, follow these tips for proper posture:


  • Align your butt to the back of the chair;
  • Make sure your back is straight;
  • Your knees should be at 90-degree angles;
  • Your feet should be flat on the floor.


Any deviance of the above will add extra stress to your joints. The result? A whole world of pain!


Don’t avoid your pain

The last piece of advice I can give you is to not ignore your body when it tells you that you are in pain! When you feel pain, your body is telling you that you are doing too much, and you need to stop.

Listen to your body and stop whatever it is that is causing you pain!

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