#Win a $100 Visa Gift Card – Ends 2/11

Time for another giveaway! You guys know I love entering contests, and I love sharing them for my reader’s to win as well!
Who could use $100??!!

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 Thanks to the folks over at Virtualphone-number.com, you have the chance to win this $100 Visa Gift Card through February 11, 2014.

Have you heard of Virtualphone-number.com?

What is a Virtual Phone Number?

In short, a virtual number is a phone number that directs communication through an internet connection rather than a tradition locked line. In this way, virtual numbers are designed to accommodate the specific needs of both caller and the receiver.
These numbers facilitate communication internationally, without added charges, and consolidates everything from call forwarding to PBX service into a simple online management system.

A Virtual Phone Number Will Help You Attract New Customers:

Unlike land-lines, virtual numbers do not have set identified locations.  Wherever in the world the customer is calling from, they can access a virtual number by simply dialing locally.   This avoids extra international charges and brings a sense of familiarity to your company’s brand.

Who Uses a Virtual Phone Number?

EVERY business can utilize the benefits of the virtual number. They provide equal value to small start-ups just as much as large corporations. Hotels, resorts, IT and BPO professionals, advertising/creative agencies, web-based businesses, travel agencies, and airlines use virtual numbers to extend their reach.

If a company in Chicago wants to expand its business in Los Angeles, it can get a virtual phone number with a toll free or local prefix code to enable call forwarding to a location of its choice.  Both the caller in Los Angeles and the operator in Chicago will interact with as if it was a local call.  The same can be applied to calls from New York to London, or San Francisco to Hong Kong.  Any company with business stretching beyond its geographical location benefits from switching to a virtual phone number.


Being in an office myself, our virtual phone number has helped us keep clients happy, as well as not miss out on new business! Ever had a day when a few co-workers were out sick, and you were alone in the office manning the phones? With a virtual phone, after a few rings you can have it forwarded to another office – even if it’s in another state. No one likes to get voice mail – and this helps keep our customers happy. Get a 1 800 number now, and keep your business going!


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6 Responses to #Win a $100 Visa Gift Card – Ends 2/11

  1. Kathy R. says:

    Extra groceries, stock up!

  2. susan heath says:

    good read regarding what virtual phone #’s are and used for. nice offer too 🙂

  3. Kathy McCrae says:

    If I were to win, I’d most likely spend the $100 Visa monies on things for my son’s educational Spanish trip he qualified for to Guatemala. (proud Momma!) I’ve purchased his Passport & hiking pack, but need many smaller traveling items by April.Thanks!

  4. Rise Isom says:

    I would probably buy k cups and sodas.

  5. Erin Ellis says:

    If I were to win, I would most likely spend the $100 on toys for my two toddlers. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.

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