Why I love sweeps

As many of you know, I am claim myself to be a “sweeper”.  I enter sweepstakes every day, taking up a lot of my valuable time trying to win  prizes! I am obsessed, and ‘sweeping” has become one of my hobbies – in fact, it’s turned into a passion.

When I tell people this sometimes, I get the ‘look’. You know the one I’m taking about, the “that stuff isn’t really”, “why are you wasting your time” kinda look. Then when I explain I won a new Serta mattress valued at $2,200, that I won an Original Mattress Factory gift card for $750 (which bought us a new bed frame, and my girls new mattresses for their bunk beds), that I won a trip to a cute bed n’ breakfast in Virginia which included flight, car rental, and $1,000 spending money – I see their eyes continue to grow bigger and bigger in awe. ..and I just smile.

                                The Inn at Mt. Vernon Farm we stayed at in Virginia.

Everyone tells me that they want to do it too, that they want to win ‘big’ and will I please tell them how?
The first thing I do is refer them to Sweeties Sweepstakes – Sweetie is a lady who  has shared her knowledge and finds in sweeps, with the world. Her Sweeping 101 course will give you the steps you need to start your sweeping career.

But here’s the thing – People don’t realize that just like anything else that you will ever be successful with in life, you must work at… and sweeping is no different. You have to put in the time and the effort in order to see your hard work pay off. Some of it is the luck of the draw – the rest is your constant effort to try and win.

I have been sweeping since Nov. 2009 – I have taken breaks, one being almost 6 months, but I continuously enter my list of sweeps almost daily. Being a full-time working Mom the weekends are reserved for ‘family’ time, but Monday thru Friday I work 2 jobs – insurance and sweeping!

If you have the extra time, and you’ll willing to put forth the effort you can win too!

Have you won a sweepstakes or contest before?? Tell me what you’ve won, or what your favorite prize has been!

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  1. Jessica Lodge says:

    I am new to sweepstaking and am addicted!! I always entered contest here and there but now I spend several hours a day ok lets be real at least 6 hours a day. But I enjoy it and I’m 8 months pregnant so I really don’t feel like doing anything else-lol. Thank you for the encouraging post and sharing Sweeties link!

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