What to Look for When Buying Auto Insurance

I started in the insurance industry back when there were paper applications, we mailed you everything instead of e-mailing it, and your monthly car insurance premium was less than a tank of gas. So needless to say I’ve been around the block a few times when it comes to the insurance industry. When I meet someone new, or a friend buys a car, I always get the same question, “What do I really need to look for when buying car insurance?”

There are quite a few things you want to do when shopping for car insurance. Though price is an important factor, don’t make it the only factor. I’ve had clients call me years after leaving one of my offices, admitting that one of the biggest mistakes they’ve ever made was to leave a good company just because they found it cheaper somewhere else. When it comes to insurance it’s not always ‘you get what you pay for’ but you definitely need to keep that in mind. Saving a few dollars each month could end up costing you hundreds, even thousands of dollars in the long run. Be sure to check the companies satisfaction ratings, company credit rating, as well as insurance grade on your local State Department of Insurance website. Know that not every company is going to make their clients happy all of the time, but getting an overall feel for what the company stands for, as well as their ability and willingness to go above and beyond for their client, is worth the extra few bucks a month. …….. (Read more here)

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