A Walk On The Drier Side

As I’ve gotten older a lot of things have changed. I care a bit less about what people think about me, I realize what’s important (and what I should let roll off my back), I enjoy the simpler things in life, and I realized that my body has changed. A lot.

I joke with my kids about what they “ruined” on my body while I was pregnant with them. The stretch marks from my first, the hair that started showing up on my chin after my second, and the “pregnancy face” that never went away with my third. And of course the one thing that got worse after each pregnancy: bladder leakage.

It’s not something I want to shout from the roof tops, but I did have a conversation with a friend at the gym recently. We weren’t feeling quite so comfortable doing the extent of exercise that we used to do. Running, jumping jacks, even going hiking or doing a lot of working in the yard – bladder leakage is a real issue. We were both looking for an answer.

When I was introduced to Depend Silhouette Active Fit I had my doubts – could this really work? I didn’t want it to be something noticeable, or make me feel uncomfortable. The goal was to find something to make it a bit easier for us to enjoy the things in life again like we used to; with no worry of being embarrassed.

But the Depend Silhouette Active is thin enough to be completely comfortable wherever you may go, or whatever you might be wearing (yes even yoga pants!) it’s a cotton-like fabric that comes in three colors (beige, lavender, and black) and it’s completely smooth under clothes – it’s almost impossible for anyone to notice that you are wearing one. Interested in trying them? Click here to get a free sample.

A WALK ON cropped


It’s definitely a way to get back to enjoying life and doing things we used to  – without any need to worry – so we are giving it a shot. We will keep you updated on life on the drier side.

This post was created in partnership with Depend and Womensforum. All opinions and experiences are my own.




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