Unique But Effective Cleaning Tips

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Mean Green Products. Though I was compensated for my time, all opinions are my own.

Cleaning takes time – well at least that’s what I’ve always been told if you are doing it right. And though I agree that it does take time ..I don’t think it has to take forever. As I’ve read across Facebook, Twitter and even from friends & family I’ve came up with a list of unique cleaning tips to make the mundane a little bit easier.



Have a hairy pet?? Put on a wet rubber dish washing glove and wipe your hand over the hairy services. The hair will stick right to it! (Be prepared to be grossed out!) a lint roller across your couch will also work – I try to use the lint roller a few times a week and the dish glove once or twice a month.

Clean with Kool-Aid. If you have a problem with stubborn stains in your toilet – use an orange Kool-Aid packet. The citric acid will clean away stains and build up. Empty the packet in, swirl it around with the toilet bowl brush and let it sit over night. It will be sparkly clean!  Use lemon Kool-Aid in your dishwasher to make it sparkle as well.

Red Wine Stains. A dab of shaving cream can actually help remove red wine stains on fabric.

Baskets on Each Floor. I have a pretty basket that sits by the steps of each floor of our home (we have 4 including the basement!) while I’m cleaning if I find stuff that belongs on another floor, I stick it in the basket and then take it up the stairs when I move up to the next floor. This definitely saves time

Need a Fresh Smelling Refrigerator? Grab a bowl and put some vanilla extract in it – dip a paper towel in it and wipe down your refrigerator walls. It will clean up the ick, and also freshen the smell.

How About a Fresh Smelling House?  Grab a pot and put some oranges and cinnamon sticks in it – boil it. Your house will now be smelling fresh!

Behind on Laundry? It happens to the best of us (especially if Mom gets sick, or super busy at work) Find a laundromat with a wash-and-fold service. They usually charge by the pound, so it’s only a few dollars per load. You can drop it off and pick it up the next day usually. Talk about getting caught up fast! If you are a bit weird about something else folding your undies (trust me, I get it!) take your kids with you and go to the laundromat yourself! You’d be amazed how much you can get done when you use 6 or 7 washers and dryers at the same time!

Re-use Old Socks and Tees. I scrub our kitchen floor and bathroom floor with old socks and t-shirts. The socks can come in handy because you can put them on the bottom of your swifter wet-jet and not have to replace the pads. You can use the sock until it needs thrown away (or washed, depending on the mess).

When in Doubt, Throw it Away. I keep garbage bags and boxes on hand always. When I am cleaning if I haven’t used something in awhile, or I’m not sure where it came from (which happens more than I’d like to admit) it goes in 1 of 2 places. 1. the garbage bag or 2. the garage sale box. When the box gets full, it gets moved to the basement and another box gets put in it’s place. By the time garage sale time comes around, I don’t have to go throughout the house looking for stuff the kids don’t play with, or what doesn’t fit. It’s already been done – all year long.

Use a Multi-Purpose “All in One” Cleaner.  Having an ‘all in one’ cleaner makes life a lot easier (and cheaper) when you are cleaning. Instead of going back and forth finding what cleaner cleans what, try a multi-purpose cleaner like Mean Green Anti-bacterial Multi-Surface Cleaner.

One of my favorite ‘easy’ cleaning tips with Mean Green Anti-bacterial MSC is to spray cleaner on a paper towel. Place paper towel in the microwave for about 30 seconds. Then just easily wipe away the mess!







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