Traveling for the Holidays? Driving Laws You Need to Know

There are basic rules of driving that are the same for all 50 states – like we all drive on the right side of the road, and we are all *supposed* to obey the speed limits. BUT there are differences among states, and when you are traveling it is very important to know the laws in the states you will be driving through (like did you know, many states can actually take your license from you even for a minor traffic violation if you are from another state?!).

FindLaw’s State Traffic Laws provide information about the traffic laws and driving rules in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. It includes information like statutes for common traffic violations, and state specific driving manuals.


Laws in All States

There are driving laws that are  common in all states – like requiring a valid driver’s license, registration and insurance. Of course also you are not supposed to speed, run red lights, leave the scene of an accident, or drive under the influence.


Distracted Driving

Hand held cell phone use is prohibited in 15 states including D.C., Puerto Rico, Guam and the Virgin Islands, which means an officer can ticket you for using a hand-held cell phone – and that reason only.

There are some states that ban ALL cell phone use (like California) but 38 other states just ban cellphone use completely  for young drivers.

Text messaging is banned in about 47 states now – even if you are just ‘tying in a number” to call, or an ‘address’ to pull up on the GPS system on your phone. (Plus it’s just not safe, whether it’s legal or not, and you put not only your own life in your hands -literally -but others as well, so just don’t do it).

Your best bet is to keep your phone put away, or in a dash holder and use bluetooth to keep yourself


Vehicle Maintenance

From tire pressure, to headlights being out, brakes, cracked windshields and more, some states can give you a citation for not keeping up with the maintenance on your vehicle – be sure to visit your local dealership like East Hills Subaru to make sure your vehicle is road trip ready.


Car Seats/Infant Seats

Different states have different laws as far as what age your child can be out of a car/booster seat, and also which way the infant seat is facing (front or back) up to what age/weight. They assume it is your job to know these laws before you drive through these states, so it’s very important to check the laws before traveling.






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