Top Reasons to Buy a New Car

I get it – the thought of buying a new car gives you hives. It does me too – the painstaking research, the deciding, the loan-application process, the negotiations with the sales person, the new car payment, and of course getting rid of the car you’ve driven since you got out of college.

But unfortunately cars don’t last forever – and sometimes you have to bite the bullet and realize when you have to pull that trigger.



Safety Concerns. If you are afraid to merge with traffic on the interstate because your vehicle tends to hesitate or wobble as you reach high speeds – and it’s not something simple like a tire that needs replaced, or a filter – well, you need to start looking. Safety is always the first priority!

Reliability. Personally this came before any other reason when it came to replacing my car – too many years in my early 20’s did I drive ‘beaters’ that broke down too often over and over again. With three kids on my own, I want to make sure that when I go to start my car, it always does – and that it doesn’t stop until I turn it off! If you are constantly calling a tow truck, or you have your mechanic on speed dial, it may be time to get a new vehicle.

Money. There comes a point in all old cars, that it’s like burning money putting it into an old clunker. If you’ve already spent thousands to keep it going, and another issue arises that’s going to cost you a few grand – wouldn’t you be better off putting that money in a newer, more reliable vehicle? I have told many people I would rather spend a few hundred a month on a new reliable car, than a few thousand every few months on a vehicle that I’m not sure how long it’s going to last.

You Deserve It. You work hard – you do what you are supposed to, pay all your bills, take care of your kids, go without all the time. On occasion we as parents (or as hard-working adults) deserve something nice. New and shiny. Plus who doesn’t like pulling up in a sleek new vehicle to work, or to dinner with friends? Do something nice for yourself, you deserve it!


This article was sponsored in part by Reedman-Toll FIAT Langhorne,PA


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