Top 5 Restaurants Not to Miss in Norco, CA

Every time my family has planned a trip, I’ve scoured the internet for the best (and sometimes unknown) restaurants in the area. I mean, a girl has’ gotta’ eat right? I’ve found some of the best food I’ve ever eaten in family-owned restaurants, or even little hole-in-the-wall bar and grills. Norco California was no different, and there’s a ton of places you don’t want to miss!


Deep Sea Fish Grill
140 Hidden Valley Parkway Norco, CA

A popular family-owned restaurant with quality food with phenomenal taste and reasonable prices. The food has some Asian and Mexican influences, as compared to the traditional places.  These influences are evident by the other condiments provided, such as Tapatio and Sriracha and some of their dishes.  They serve Tempura style shrimp and Panko chicken, and Tofu Tacos. The restaurant uses Swai, a fish from Southeast Asia.  It’s a great fish choice for their nicely battered fish, as the outcome is moist, not dry and flaky. . Their Sweet Potato fries are phenomenal and their rice is pleasantly unusual, a combination of rice, garlic and coconut milk.

Their Fish Tacos tortillas overflows with fish and are served with great tasting beans, cream coleslaw and tomatoes. They offer many choices for those who want to stick to their paleo or zone diets – which is a huge plus!

2200 Hamner Ave Norco, CA

Though not really a restaurant (you can pick up a quick lunch or dinner here), Flavourful is the best drink shop in town;coffee, tea, smoothies, and BOBA! Tthey are willing to work up any flavor combination you desire and will recommend something if you aren’t sure.The smoothies seem to be the favorite amongst the locals – and I have to agree. The avocado smoothie is delish – mushed, buttery avocados with sugar, vanilla, and cream is something you must try before you write it off! Check them out!

Crazy Brothers Sushi
3699 Hamner Ave Norco, CA

These brothers may be a little crazy, but they make some killer sushi! Don’t let the small building fool you – inside is some of the best sushi you will ever taste. Between the purple rice (yes, I said purple) and the Death Valley Roll that comes out ON FIRE – this is definitely a must go spot for any sushi lover.

Rodeo Cafe
847 Sixth St Norco, CA

This small quaint old west cafe might surprise you – delicious food with huge portions (say hello doggy bag) and for lack of a better word – CHEAP! Eating here with a family of 4 for my family was cheaper than a trip to McDonalds. They have a great lunch and dinner menu, but I’d suggest giving their breakfast a try. (Trust me, eat breakfast or brunch here – you definitely won’t need lunch or maybe even dinner!) Eggs Rodeo is a must try… perfectly poached eggs on top of steak and an English muffin topped w/ hollandaise sauce!

Badlands BBQ
120 Hidden Valley Parkway

If u like slow and low cooked BBQ this is probably the best spot for brisket and pulled pork – their jalapeno mac n cheese is to die for and the corn on the cob was roasted to perfection. They have a great kids menu which includes sliders and fries, which have HUGE portions even my 12 yr old who usually orders off the adult menu was able to enjoy the kids menu this time around. They also have a delish smokehouse salad for anyone who is on a paleo friendly diet.

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