Your Time: Handy Advice and Apps for Planning a Mom’s Day Off

You’re a busy mom 24-7 and now it’s time for one of those rare events: a mom’s day off. Don’t waste your precious time wondering what to do. Every second counts. Whether you’re in the mood for a shopping spree, a spa day, lunch with the girls, or catching the latest movie, here is a list of apps you can use to plan your big day out, no matter what the weather.

Take The Weather With You

Before you set foot outside, you need to check your local weather. You can do that quickly and easily with Apalon’s Weather Live Free app. Features include outdoor temperature, wind speed, humidity dew point, weather radar and rain map, 7-day forecast and sunrise sunset times anywhere in the world, so you’ll know exactly how to dress and what to expect on your fun day out.

Your Personal Concierge 

If you live in the DC metro area, and you’re looking for something to do Ouli will make personalized suggestions for you. Whether you want a romantic dinner with your partner, brunch with the girls, a solo spa day, or a shopping spree around town, Ouli will recommend something to suit your wishes. This will save you wasting time searching through lists to find something you really want to do on your mom’s day off. Ouli will personalize your activities based on location, time your history and preferences so you can enjoy the things you like to do. The app will soon be available in other cities.

Find Stuff to Do

Every city has its own particular scene and DoStuff is designed to connect you with them.  You can use it to find dinner theaters, concerts, comedy clubs, even happy hours. DoStuff is connected to 20 cities through the U.S., Canada and Mexico including Tijuana, Vancouver, Victoria, Dallas, Indianapolis, Kansas City, New York City, and Nashville.

Beautify Yourself

If you’re in the mood for a new hair style, a spa day, or perhaps a mani-pedi, download Vanitee to your Android and let it help you find the perfect beauty service for your needs. Once you find what you need, you can book an appointment right there and then on your phone, no hassle. It couldn’t get more convenient.

Share a Secret

If you want to share a secret without anyone knowing who it’s about or from, Whisper is the perfect place to offload. This app will also let you read other people’s secrets, share honest thoughts, trade advice and share interests. Join the 30 million plus people who hand out at Whisper and share your most intimate thoughts.

It’s about time you decided to plan a mom’s day off, take a break from the kids and take some time to do your own thing. Why stress about how to spend your well-earned free time? Simply use these apps to help you plan a great day out or just relax. You’ll feel refreshed and relaxed and you deserve it.

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