The Ultimate Road Trip Packing List for Families (Part 2)

So continuing from my very long part 1 of the Ultimate Road Trip Packing List for Families. I think this is a super important part of the whole vacation because it can definitely effect the moods of everyone you are traveling with. The better prepared you are, the more fun you will have (in my opinion). Not to mention the more money you will save, and time as well.

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Lets Talk about Snacks. 
Though I did a quick mention about snacks in part 1, I think it’s important to elaborate on the snack situation. First off, the ‘snacks’ we bring also usually cover breakfast for our trip, because again – saving money. If you have the room and a big cooler, packing like you are going on a camping trip can really pay off. We always pack lunch meat and cheese, crackers, fruit (grapes and apples and bananas are the least messy), chips or pretzels, granola bars, maybe some candy. I would recommend NOT bringing things that are too messy. (trust me, you and your car will thank me). Not too much sugar since you don’t want them bouncing off the car doors, but it is vacation after all).Also water bottles (so important to stay hydrated while traveling) and maybe some juice or pops if you drink those. I also use a Thirty-One tote to carry all the snacks and I bring grocery bags for trash. On occasion depending on how long we are gone, we will stop at a Walmart or local grocery and stock back up on snacks. Way cheaper than gas stations, or eating out for every meal or every time someone is hungry.

For Safety and Emergencies.
So as I said being prepared is one of the most important aspects of a road trip – including preparing for the unexpected (or the worst). Having a car safety kit can save you a LOT of time. The kits usually include things like jumper cables, air compressor, tow rope, first aid kit, etc. Also of course a full size first aid kit.
Make sure you have a spare tire, and that its inflated and good condition. (and a tire jack).
Having a Motor Club Membership, such as AAA or something like it just in case you do need assistance.
Swiss Army Knife.
A Tool Kit.
Small empty gas can (in case you run out and need to go get some)

So this is a bit easier with older kids – but you need to make sure you have enough variety to keep the kids entertained during the long drive. We played the classic driving games like spotting the license plates from different states, ‘Road Trip Bingo” where you get to mark your card with things you see, and of course I spy with my little eye” But sometimes you can’t always spend the time interacting if there’s traffic or bad weather. So the kids being able to entertain themselves is important. We always bring coloring books and colored pencils (crayons can melt all over your seat and carpet, so I wouldn’t recommend them) books to read, cross word/word search puzzles, hand held video game devices, portable DVD player with PLENTY of movies, etc. Make sure you bring the chargers and extra batteries – also book lights are great for them to be able to continue to read or do word searches when it starts to get dark. I used to buy special coloring books/movies that I would give them when they started to get restless. Also whoever behaved the best between gas/restroom stops got a ‘prize’. Keeping them busy makes everyone happy! 

And like I said before – the most important – keep a good attitude, a sense of humor, and go make memories that will last a lifetime!







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