The Health Benefits of CBD Creams

You’ve probably heard or seen ads for CBD oils and creams online, whether as an ad or article on Facebook, or even a link in your email. CBD  is all the rage, and for good reason – this natural, holistic remedy has helped with numerous health problems; with amazing results.

Prevents Neurodegenerative Disorders
Antioxidants in CBD oils and creams offset the harmful effects of glutamate toxicity and free radicals in the brain which helps prevent brain damage, memory loss, etc. In some trails it’s been shown to improve Parkinson’s disease symptoms, and even help reverse cognitive impairment for some with Alzheimer’s disease.

Improves Anxiety and Mood Disorders 
Just a mere 600 milligrams can help reduce anxiety symptoms and boost cognition – including decreasing some physical symptoms of anxiety like a fast heartbeat , reduces stress, and improves sleep.


 Reduces Pain and Inflammation
CBD oils and creams are used a lot for a pain relief – the cannabinoids in the oil and creams influence the glycine receptors which help suppress inflammation and pain. To get relief for internal and muscular inflammation it’s recommended to take either orally, or a really good rub down with the best CBD creams in order to really sink into your muscle. Studies have also shown that it could be a great treatment for arthritis as well as a treatment for chronic pain too!

Skin Ailments/Acne
Some research has showed positive results in treating acne by limiting inflammation in the sebum producing glands that lead to breakouts. Not to mention the antioxidants in the CBD oil and creams kill acne-causing bacteria, and helps protect against oxidative damage which can lead to a clear complexion and younger looking skin.

Cancer Prevention 
There’s a ton of evidence that suggests that CBD oil and creams could fight cancer – and at minimum help ease symptoms of cancer and side effects of chemo using the oil as an anti-nausea treatment. There was even a study a few years back about how it can help inhibit the growth of different breast tumor cells as well – with no adverse effects on healthy cells! It is also being tried to help treat leukemia, colon, and lung cancers as well.

Why Use CBD cream?
CBD creams act upon the body’s natural occurring CB2 receptors by binding with them. The CB2 receptors are activated by the body’s own endocannabinoid system, or through the presence of phytocannabinoids which are usually in the form or CBD or THC.

Many creams, ointments and salves do contain small quantities of THC, but they do not cause the high that normally come with a traditional THC consumption since they don’t enter the blood stream, they just penetrate to the depth of the CB2 receptors.

 What are the Side Effects?

Though CBD creams have tons of health benefits like we have listed above, some people are still concerned about side effects. Good thing is – this product is safer than almost every prescription drug and dietary supplement out there! Side effects are rare, but some users do experience low blood pressure, dizziness, lightheadedness, and dry mouth. Until you are sure how your body will react, stick to a lower dosage working your way up – lower doses are less likely to have any adverse effects.

Where to Buy – when buying CBD creams stick with quality brands such as Diamond CBD, that doesn’t have preservatives or fillers. Remember, the best CBD products contain pure hemp oil! Use trusted sites, and read reviews!
















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