The Dominant and Sub Relationship: Is it Right for You?

The Dominant and Submissive aspect of a relationship is apart of the BDSM lifestyle. Some people call it a ‘kink’. Some people are into all things you can think of when mentioning BDSM, and sometimes people like to pick and chose – like the dom/sub part of the equation.

In femdom dating , the Dom usually  ‘dominates’ the other, kind of has a ‘power’ over them, so to speak. A lot of people find it exciting, and as you know sex and power just seem to mix. Think of all the romance novels of the poor damsel in distress waiting for her knight in shining armor to rescue her – her strong, powerful prince coming to save her and control her.

What a Dom/ Sub Relationship is Like

If someone says they are a dom or they have a dom/sub relationship, it most likely includes (ok 110% pretty sure) includes power play in their sex life – and it usually rolls into the rest of their relationship as well. In a couple there is usually a dom and a sub, or sometimes there is a switch, which means they can be either.

Some people are a little into the dom/sub power exchange, like the “go get me a beer woman!” or a do this or that aggressor. Others will go all out, and the dominant person may not only order the sub around, but also restrain or punish them in some way. Sometimes they will act out fantasy roles, such as teacher/student, cop/robber, etc.

Though they are few and far between, some do this lifestyle 24/7. Others will just do it on the weekend, or a few nights a week. That power boss man who everyone cowers in fear of? He could be the sub at home; and visa versa. Most of the time you would never know the relationship of a sub/dom unless they told you about it.

Though the media seems to portray BDSM a bit negative – associating it with violence, danger, abuse and crime, real BDSM couples are way different than you would assume. Most are no different than you when it comes to their lives or upbringing, and probably are closer to a 50 Shade relationship then some psychotic thriller movie.

How Do You Get Started?
If you think you may be interested in a dom/sub relationship , the first and most important step is to communicate what is a go and what is a no-go sexually, and non-sexually. Who would play what role, and talk about what you would expect from each other. If you don’t have a partner, try a site to find mistress dating.

Create a list of all the sexual practices you can think of, and then each person writes yes/no or maybe about whether it would be something that you’d be willing to try or if it may be of interest to you. It can also be a good time to talk about fantasies or stories, and if you are interested in making them come to life. It is soo soo important that you only try what each other really wants to try, and that you aren’t forcing the other person to go along with what you want. (this can lead to other issues, and you don’t want that).


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