The Best Lead Management for Your Business

With the average career span of a customer service representative with the same company is less than a year, it’s no wonder some smaller companies miss out on hundreds, if not thousands of potential clients a year. No matter if you’re a startup or a business veteran. Sometimes a little help from a lead generation company may be exactly what your business needs to get the right traction.That’s why it’s a smart idea to hire a lead management company for your small business.

The biggest benefit of hiring a lead management company is that it functions 24/7/365 – even when your business is not.  It gives you a service of handling existing, and new clientele for after hours, weekends, and holidays. A lead management company also helps attract people to your business by making them naturally interested in your service or product. They tailor a marketing strategy to your potential customer that will help you find new potential clients, and keep the pipeline full of qualified leads.

Choosing a company like Pronexis each lead is assigned to a lead source which is included in any email notifications and scheduled appointments. If a lead comes from a web form or lead generating service, you forward the leads to them, and they’ll automatically add all the lead information and assign the appropriate lead source.

Pronexis makes sure that 100% of all our agents are trained in your franchise. So whenever you or a lead call in, our agents will be able to answer questions and not just “guess” the answer.

Pronexis also uses a Five Star Connect uses google calendars to schedule your appointments. We can use a google calendar you already use, or we will set one up for you. You add the times you are available for appointments and we add the appointments to those available spots. Using google calendars allows you to set up the calendar to see it on all your devices.

A few things that a good lead company will do:
Content Marketing – Provide your potential customers with the information they’re looking for.
Affiliate Marketing – Grow your network and let others promote your value to their customers.
SEO – Let the users find you easily in search engines by optimizing your website.
Online Presence – Make use of every customer touch point opportunity and promote your brand across the web.
Live Chat Support – Solve your customers’ issues in the real-time and get their contact details via pre-chat survey.
Email Marketing – Get personal with your prospects by messaging them directly into their mailbox.

Make sure, that each of your leads gets the best customer service possible. There’s nothing like mouth-to-mouth recommendations of your happy customers. It is a perfectly natural and effort-free way to gain new leads.

Want to make sure you’re making best out of your customer support? Consider training your team, so that they could create the best experience for your customers.

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