TEENAGE GIRLS & THE BATHROOM: Roto-Rooter to the Rescue

This is a sponsored post: though I was compensated for my time all opinions are my own.

We’ve all seen the commercials; our parents used it – and their parents used it. We know what to buy when a drain gets clogged – Good ole reliable Roto-Rooter.

I remember on occasion my Dad having to use Roto-Rooter hair clog removal in mine and sister’s bathroom. Our shower would clog a few times of year (I guess we would shed.. a lot). I never really understood his frustration until I had 2 teenage daughters – and only 1 bathroom for the 5 of us!

I love my girls and their long hair – I really do. And I remember being a teenager; but what I have not had experience with, is being a Mom to two! The amount of time girls spend in the bathroom alone is frustrating; let alone stepping into the shower early in the morning to find the water backing up in the tub – and knowing exactly why.

Roto-Rooter has been my life saver on more than one occasion. It works 50% faster than other brands, 25% more hair dissolving ingredients – and just the right thickness to dissolve hair clogs.

I pretty much keep this in stock in my bathroom closet so that it’s always on hand when we need it – living in an older house makes having this in house even more important. Old pipes make clogged pipes even more challenging (if that seems possible) but Roto-Rooter has been a life saver!

Check out Roto-Rooter Hair Clog Remover and their other products here.

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