The Subaru Guaranteed Trade-In Program

I have to admit – I have only traded in a vehicle once in my life, and that was because it barely ran, and I really just didn’t want the hassle of getting rid of it. Overall the opinion of trading a vehicle in is pretty low – mostly because the low ball price you are offered by the dealership.

However – if you are a Subaru owner, when it comes to trade-ins you are in luck! The Subaru Guaranteed Trade-in Program is top notch!

Subaru created the Guaranteed Trade-In Program because they believe in the quality of their vehicles – and of course they think you should too! 
The Guaranteed Trade-in Value is an offer – only for Subaru owners – and it guarantees the trade-in amount that the owner will receive for their qualified Subaru vehicle when a newer (later model year) Subaru vehicle is purchased. The value is updated monthly and is available for 6 years from the original vehicles warranty start date! 
No hassles, no questions – just check with your local Subaru dealer for more info! 
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