How To Stimulate Your Sense Of Intellectual Discovery

Everyone has a mind. Some of our minds are more curious about the world than others, and some might find skills in places others don’t. Most people do keep a sense of satisfaction when learning something new, or developing something we never knew ourselves possible of.  This is so worthwhile to pin down, because if you understand this about yourself you can head in directions you may never have previously thought possible.

However, understanding this is the first step. In order to truly enjoy a life of intellectual stimulation (wherever you may find it,) it pays to make intelligent choices. Life is absolutely about physical health and social connection, but it is also about challenging your perceptions. We’re not suggesting you become a tenured professor at Harvard, just that the act of continually broadening your horizons could potentially make for a better and more satisfying life.

Here’s how:

Become Well Read

Being a well-read person is something everyone can find value in. It seems that the celebration of books is almost lessened to those hobbyist readers and hobbyist readers alone, where books used to be universal and valued tools of those who could read them. Literacy rates are higher than ever, and it’s easy to take this for granted. Reading is like uncovering a portal to the curated mind of the author, and can certainly expand your perceptions.

There is utility in escapism, but escapism can also help inform you of the world and give you the tools to prepare fully for the journey of life. Why not challenge yourself? If you haven’t read any books in a few years, it might be worthwhile to try and read one book every two months until the end of the year. If you feel this pace is too short for you, and you feel like continuing with this, then feel free to up your frequency. The best advice is that you start soon. New worlds could be at your fingertips to uncover.

Professional Development

Sometimes life becomes stale and boring. We might absolutely enjoy our family life as soon as we can participate in it, but apart from that if you feel a sense of lethargy, it’s good to identify its source. Could it be that your job is in need of an upgrade? After all, it’s not natural to spend upwards of eight to ten hours a day bored out of your mind and commuting.

It could take a little time out of your free schedule, but learning new skills to stimulate your mind such as courses related to operations management or even something as simple as learning a new language can help tremendously. We are a shadow of the people we actually are in the absence of a challenge to overcome, and mental progression is absolutely no different here.

The feeling of knowing something new, or gaining that accreditation, or enjoying a reward because you have struggled to get it is one of the most satisfying feelings on planet Earth, especially if you have taken this path in service to your family.

We know that these two efforts combined can create an almost completely new you, someone dedicated to the task of new knowledge and learning enjoyment.


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