Starting Your Own Woman Operated HVAC Business

Although strides have been taken to instill gender equality in the workforce, some industries are still quite male dominated. You’re bound to find a lot more men working as HVAC technicians, but it isn’t uncommon to find women out in the field to. Use the website to locate an HVAC training program that meets your budgeting and scheduling needs. The heating, ventilation and cooling industry offers technicians unlimited opportunities to work with their hands and their minds, which is appealing to both women and men. The fact of the matter is that not everyone likes the idea of working in an office all day long. If you have an interest in HVAC technologies, you could eventually have a fully female operated and staffed business one day. Here’s a quick rundown of what will be in store for you.

Prepare to Break a Sweat

HVAC technicians have to be fit, limber and able bodied to perform the full scope of their duties. Some jobs might be easier for smaller, slimmer and more lithe technicians while pure brute strength will be necessary on other jobs. Until you are fully trained you’ll be working as an apprentice, so any work that you perform will be done under the supervision of a certified HVAC tech. This training will help you in being able to ascertain the requisites of all upcoming jobs before you even arrive. In other words, you will know whether you can expect to be crawling into tight spaces or hauling away refrigerators prior to accepting or declining a service appointment.

Your Mental Skills Will be Tested

You are going to use a lot of math and logic during your time as an HVAC technician. Prior to installing a new HVAC unit, you’ll need to calculate how many BTUs will be necessary to sufficiently cool a space based on its square footage. You will need to measure how much freon should be added to old air conditioners, and you will need to calculate how many hours it should take you to complete a prospective job so that you can provide an accurate estimate to your client. The good news is that flexing your mental muscles will make you better suited to be an HVAC business owner. It will likely be at least five years before you can actually look to work independently and in a supervisory capacity, so look forward to getting all of the hands-on training you can muster.

Ask Around

Certified HVAC technicians generally travel in the same circles, so you will have various chances to meet and speak with owner-operators. Do not be nervous about asking questions. Of course, no HVAC business owner is going to give you their list of customers but they won’t mind giving you some pointers. Ask the right questions and you can save a lot of time during the planning stages.

Spend a few years working in the HVAC field and you’ll gain a lot of respect. Because there are fewer women working in this industry, they do tend to garner more attention than others. Use your uniqueness as a positive and capitalize on the fact that you’re a proud female HVAC tech.

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