So Fresh & So Clean, Clean with Playtex Fresh+Sexy Wipes

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OK Mom’s and wives you have to admit – we are lucky to get a shower once a day (seriously lucky!) let alone another  after a hard day of work, chasing kids, doing laundry, working out  and all the other 385 things we do in a day.  Trying to feel sexy after a long day of diapers and dirt seems impossible. How many times have you rushed to take a shower so you can spend some intimate time with your spouse to come to bed with them snoring and slobbering all over your pillow? (Yes honey, I’m talking about you). Well I have found -insert angels singing here – a solution. Quick and easy Playtex’s Fresh+Sexy wipes make it convenient and quick to feel fresh and sexy in a moment’s notice.

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As we are all too aware the moment (or should we say husband’s) don’t seem to give a flying flip how you feel. It (he) strikes when it (he) pleases. But thanks to the new Fresh and Sexy wipes you never have to be caught  not feeling so fresh… You can be ready for when the moment strikes, and to be fresh after as well.

The special hypoallergenic formula and soft cloth gently cleanse and leave you feeling clean and refreshed, no matter what the occasion.Cloth-like feel – made of a special fabric that is both soft and strong, and feels luxurious on your skin
Safe, easy and convenient to use
Gentle yet cleansing formula that is hypo-allergenic and alcohol free
Lightly scented and flushable
Skin conditioning natural botanicals, like cranberry, chamomile, and aloe

#FreshNSexy #shop #fresh #sexy

I love that they have individually wrapped wipes that you can carry in your wallet, purse, or gym bag. Getting fresh and sexy in a moments notice makes intimate  moments with your spouse more pleasurable, and the clean up afterwards? No worries. Get back to work after that nooner or get up and make the kids pancakes after the morning romp without having to jump in the shower. (who has time for that?!)

So fresh and so clean, clean!

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  2. irishred13 says:

    everyone needs a little freshening up sometimes lol

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