Smart Questions to Ask Before Visiting the Car Dealership

Buying a new vehicle is a big commitment; besides buying a house, it’s one of the biggest purchases most people will make – and the most stressful. So making sure you head out with a list of questions to ask before your purchase will help you make the right decision in your new car purchase. Here’s a list of questions to ask before your purchase:


Does the dealership have any  demo’s for sale?  If you have your heart set on a vehicle that’s almost new, a dealer demo – used for test drives -would be a great option. Most new car dealerships do re-sell their demos, and they usually only have a few hundred miles on them. Not only did the dealership take the depreciation on the vehicle, but most of the time they will  still include the new vehicle warranty.

How long can I test drive a vehicle?  Before talking price or showing an interest in a particular vehicle be sure that the vehicle fits your needs by taking it on a test drive. Most dealerships will allow you to drive it as long as you need to, so you can get a proper feel for how the vehicle drives, and if it fits you.

Have you done any work to the used vehicle? Some used cars can sit at a dealer lot for weeks – or even months. So  most likely there has been some type of work done to the vehicle, it’s always good to get a list so you know what any issues may be, and also if they’ve already done it, you know it will save you money in the future.

If it’s a CPO (certifield pre-owned) Vehicle, can I see the inspection report? Buying a certified pre-owned vehicle is a huge selling point for used  cars. Usually the car came to the dealership you are shopping at, brand new. They are usually  low-mileage leased vehicles that have been returned and have been maintained and inspected at the dealership. They offer a like-new car warranty. Asking to see the inspection notes though, to see what type of mechanical condition the vehicle is in, is a smart choice.   It will help you get an idea of future service needs as well.


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