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This is a sponsored post on behalf of Skyzone. 

love birthday parties – they are one of my favorite ways to celebrate my kids. I try to make each and every one special, and some years we go all out with friends and family, and other years its a bit more intimate with just us.


Well this year was one of those fun years – we decided to have Sky Zone host Nathan’s birthday party!


I love the parties at other places besides my house – lol. No preparing, no baking, cooking, cleaning – just letting the Sky Z0ne hosts take care of everything!

The Jump Around Birthday Package includes:
10 jumpers for a 1 hour jump (and trust me, 1 hour is plenty of time to jump)
40 minutes in the party room
2 large 1 topping pizzas, 3 pitchers of pop, along with paper products (paper plates, cups and napkins)
You also get a ‘party host’ who will serve the pizza and drinks, along with any cupcakes or cake you may bring – and they also make a list of what your little one gets for their birthday so you can just sit there and enjoy!


My favorite part about Sky Zone is the kids are using up all their energy! Which can be very helpful if you are having a sleepover =)



The fun thing about Sky Zone is it’s not just for kids – adults can have fun too! (and we did). My Dad liked jumping on the trampoline and jumping into the cubes!


Let me tell you – trampoline jumping is a work out! I burnt more calories in the half hour I jumped than the hour and a half I spend at the gym! In fact, our local Sky Zone offers aerobic classes – so you can join those classes with other adults if you don’t feel comfortable jumping during open jump – or at a kids birthday party. =)


After jumping you get the party room – which everyone is thirsty and hungry by then (and sweaty – very sweaty!)


I love that the room is set up – the table cloth, napkins, plates – everything is ready when we come in. . and the even better part? They pile up all the presents for us when we leave, and even offer to load them in the car for us…all while they clean up the mess. Talk about a score for Mom!

Check out your local Sky Zone and see what party package is right for you!



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